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Thread: Project: POC of PS3 RAM Dump and Decrypting 3.6+ Games

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    Ezio Guest
    Hi cfwprophet,

    good luck with your project, I think your idea could be nice.

    Happy to help if you want.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    THX to every one

    We will do our best to make scene free again and change the actual situation.

    Today some more test will be done and i will keep you all informed as soon i have time. Let us kick out this fake adrianc.

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    SebastianFM Guest
    Hello cfwprophet, I'm pretty much new posting here but been lurking the scene for almost a year and also reading the PS3 Wiki even if i cant understand half of it because of my lacking coding skills (almost zero)

    But as i try to get better understanding of the PS3, i realize how hard must be to do the amazing things you and the other devs do for the scene.

    Just want to say thanks for all the effort and im cheering for you guys, your ideas are great and i hope to see them working soon.

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    r1mix Guest
    good luck..

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    furientez Guest
    cfwprophet, I wish to to you and your team,good luck, all the best and good health. personally I don't care if you manage to crack the 3.60 eboots or not, but it's good to know that at least someone is trying, feels better with that kind of motivation...

    thx again for all your doing in the scene and take care

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    Siggy12 Guest
    This tecnique was used from devs time ago for play PS3 retail game backup on PS3 test (debug) console and it worked until fw 2.10 then Sony Patched it... So you have to know that CFWProphet and his TEAM are fighting against a Patched situation (story teach us that Sony know very well how to patch) this for sure it will not make their work light so Good luck to Him and His Team for this ambitious project.

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    KDSBest Guest
    You got no idea of the technique we are using , I can say that because only a small portion of ac1d know the way cfwprophet tries it.

    Cfwprophet knows about the patch and tries to workaround it. Behind the scenes more is possible than you would ever imagine. Sony patched people willing to tell anyone their hacks and do not properly patch their mistakes.

    Thanks for the good luck, we might need it

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    Siggy12 Guest
    with all the respect!!!!!! IF HALF of these WORDS were TRUE... well... ESPECIALLY NOT NEED TO DOWNGRADE TODAY. On a 5 years and more OLD CONSOLE

    so... we are sure that... Behind the scenes more is possible than you would ever imagine. ???


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    elser1 Guest
    a year ago or is it 2 now, lol, most people, me included, didn't think the ps3 would be hacked even if it is only half done.. i think ac1d team are worth having faith in to say the least.

    good luck

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    cfwprophet Guest
    It's your problem Siggy12 that you don't know what is ongoing behind the curtains and you think that only the things in the public scene are true. We (TaeM_AC1D) could tell you things that you even can't imagine then more dev's will tell you that is true. And that's your problem.

    There are more ways to dump new 3.6+ retail games but i want to do my own way. If that don't work then i jump to the next.

    But anyway what i or a other member of my team tell you, you think you know all. I tell you a secret now: A bootloader exploit is already done and ready, it's complete reversed but the dev's won't release. Eat it or not. And if you believe or not i discuss such things till end with them like why not release and that stuff.

    But if i look on guys like you they think they know all and in real they don't understand the tinyest things and every time scream out with then i understand there decision. The ps3 scene with users like you are not worth to get all that stuff. In case they really think that dev's are not talking with each other and that they have things in peto where they decide what shall be released for every one or only for dev's.

    We sharing a lot of things in private the scene will never see public. But keep on with your own little world. You even not able to listen to the words that the last man standing's (TeaM_AC1D and i cfwprht and also KDSBest) are willing to teach you.

    How do you think you know more then dev's which will work hard in the back of your meaning ?

    Who are you ? On which things you working on ? To which dev your talking in private ? What ever have you released to provide something to the scene ?

    If you can't answer this question i just will gon on with ignoring your posts.

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