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Thread: Project: Dual Boot PS3 - 2 NOR Flashes with Switch for Brick Recovery

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    Reborn Guest
    I like it but, people still complain about soldering stuff. I laugh at them now but used to be like them. Now I have special tools to solder things to PCB conduit .40 MM wide with relative ease. Soldering stuff is fun! I enjoy modding stuff that you actually have to work on. All the easy USB mods are weak and patchable at best.

    If it is not a direct hardware Mod or software Mod, it's just no fun. And as for all that voided warranty crap, If You Mod it by any means, having $0NY "fix" it will forcefully remove any Software mods and likely block them for the future so Just have some fun, whip out the soldering iron and feel the flux!! solder in an external switch for the extra NOR Flash board. Its easy and fun too!!!

    Hey Mushy409 I'll be more than willing to test a prototype if You manage to have some made.

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    edokassiah Guest
    ok... i tried sending you a message mushy but i guess i can't contact you due to my activity status, was this project ever completed?

    really would like to get one

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