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    Apr 2005

    ProgSkeet v1.2 for PlayStation 3 is Incoming, Features Outlined

    Following up on their previous PS3 release, today Oscar Dalvit has announced that ProgSkeet v1.2 for the PlayStation 3 is incoming with the features outlined below.

    To quote: Dear Customers, PROGSKEET V1.2 is in production, release: first week of October (maybe early)

    Here some infos in preview:

    1- Redesign of main board now more small and stable (4 layers)
    2- Slave board with USB, LED, SWITCH (for memory banks selection)
    3- FCC cable 15 pins that allow to connect externally the slave board
    4- Bus SPI on FCC cable for future expansions
    5- 100% support of WINSKEET
    6- DLL OPEN library to allow integration in other alternative programs
    7- 1 Mbit SPI FLASH memory on board

    The package content:

    The main improve of the new PROGSKEET V1.2 solution will be the support of DUAL NOR / NAND on different consoles. NOR and NAND CLIPS are not anymore official supported, we decide to move on QSB BOARDS, more cheaper and sure more stable then CLIPS. Soon news also about these accessories.

    More infos about specs of new WINSKEET and SOFTWARE will be posted soon.

    Preorders of the first limited production are open! Contact us!

    Update: ProgSkeet Black Tar Edition 1.2 - We are happy to present you the new PROGSKEET V1.2.

    This new progskeet version introduce these changes:

    1- Redesign of main board now more small and stable (4 layers)
    2- Slave baord with USB, LED, SWITCH (for memory banks selection)
    3- FCC cable 15 pins that allow to connect externally the slave board
    4- Bus SPI on FCC cable for future expansions
    5- 100% support of WINSKEET
    6- DLL OPEN library to allow integration in other alternative programs

    Finally progskeet team stop to supprot CLIP tools, too much expensive and with a really bad quality. The alternative will be nice QSB BOARDS NOR / NAND for different consoles that will be soon available.

    The kit now works exactly like PROGSKEET V1.1 but soon new features will be added. More infos about new specs will be released on official Web site.

    The kit include:

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    maaz1 Guest
    can i use this to unbrick my ps3 that was bricked by e3? i have a valid nor dump.

    i can't use e3 to unbrick becuase i have stuffed up the nor point.

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    pollicin123 Guest
    Can i use this to downgrade my ps3 CECH 300a to 3.55? Thx

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    psp joe Guest
    Just wait and maybe we all surpised which main boards will be working with v1.2

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    alchybear Guest
    if you got a 3000 model go trade it in or find a way to get a older one, you need a 2501 and lower to even downgrade a slim.

    you have to use flow rebuilder i believe to get your backup from e3 set as a backup file for the progskeet. they both code it differently and flow rebuilder up to date can decode and code it both ways for it to work.

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    Anger007 Guest
    friend you missed his point - his solder point is stuffed which means almost certainly no it wont work even if the dump is converted. this is because progskeet 1.2 will use qsb to attach to the board, so unless they use alternate points (possible but not probable) it cannot work for him. having said that all he would have to do is find an alternate point for his e3.

    i am eager to get another progskeet (sold the last one - bad move) and it appears cheaper however the price may not include the qsb boards required for each model of ps3, 360 etc. and i suspect that is why theres been no knowledge of it until now (possible delays due to manufacture of the qsb boards - fpc maybe? time will tell).

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    Dojjen Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by maaz1 View Post
    can i use this to unbrick my ps3 that was bricked by e3? i have a valid nor dump.

    i can't use e3 to unbrick becuase i have stuffed up the nor point.
    I have the same problem a useless ps3 that i tried to downgrade with the E3

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    MikeCF Guest
    Seems it has been released. I found the ProgSkeet V1.2 full kit is available now.

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    wolfrino Guest
    i hope its working in all boards

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    Apr 2005

    ProgSkeet v1.2 PS3 Pin-outs Arrive for Black Tar and Lite Editions

    Following up on the initital announcement, today PlayStation 3 developer uf6667 has Tweeted that pin-outs for the ProgSkeet 1.2 style bitstreams (Black Tar Edition and 1.2 Lite Limited White/Crystal Blue Editions) is now available followed by official version 1.21.

    Download: ProgSkeet_12_121101_1223.rar / ProgSkeet_10_11_121001_1505.rar / ProgSkeet_10_11_121001_1505.rar (Mirror) / ProgSkeet v1.2 Bitstreams / ProgSkeet v1.2 Bitstreams (Mirror) / Progskeet-V1.21-Software.zip / 2014-04-14_-_Progskeet_Signal-Booster_Y-Board.zip / 2014-08-10_-_Progskeet_Signal-Booster_Y-Board.zip by esprit1711

    To quote: Pinout (Legacy) [121101.1835] {UPDATED 20:19}

    Hello, This is the pinout for the 1.2 (Black Tar Edition) bitstreams and "1.2 Lite" (Limited White/Crystal Blue Editions).

    ProgSkeet 1.0 / 1.1 -> "1.2 Lite" conversion

    Hello, This concerns both 1.0 (Limited White Edition) and 1.1 (Crystal Blue Edition). The USB1T11A (U2) transceiver MUST be removed.

    If you are not using dualboot, please put 10kOhm between 3.3V and SWITCH to avoid any problems.

    DNU denotes "Do Not Use" There are no benefits besides dualboot so far.


    For NOR:
    • 10kOhm pullup resistor on P8

    For NAND:
    • 10kOhm pullup resistor on P2
    • 10kOhm pullup resistor on P26

    Edit: added STP and PDB

    ProgSkeet 1.2 Bitstream [121101.1223]

    Hello, Update 121101.1223 changelog:
    • there has been a problem with NAND where it would only recognize secondary nand (on both A and B), which has now been fixed
    • switch is now inverted

    Shortly following, however, uf6667 Tweeted the following message: "memory issue in latest bitstream, will fix asap"

    From ps3tech are some Progskeet 1.2 pinout diagrams HERE who states:

    Hi everyone, i managed to sauce up a diagram(s) for both pinouts on the nand/nor. sorry for the sloppy work as i should of done it alot neater for people to read, but it purely to get the people out of the dark.

    These are pdf files, with the nand/nor instructions you might have to scroll down the page until you find the pinouts. i hope this helps. Ignore what is on the diagram apart from the solder points meaning data and address points, anything in red please ignore.

    Finallt, from Decoy comes the NOR testpoints stating: I used progskeet 1.2 to extract the dump file from my fat cechl PS3 nor, and I had a very good dump, so these are the things that I understood and want to clarify:
    • you don't have to change anything in the switches (R7, R8) (in my case) (soldering)
    • I used 4 gnd points...
    • used the last bitstream
    • and used this diagrams in picture (motherboard ver-001)
    • I didn't use 3.3V to power up progskeet , i used USB..
    • sometimes you have to change the switch on the slave board (turn on/off) to extract a good dump (without green led) but it still gives same result because both CE# secondary and primary are connected to the board.
    • 3.3V can be wp# so I used it as a wp# and connected to P4
    • Use the pinout a provided by uf6667 (above)

    From Morto_: Found the right solder diagram for the Progskeet 1.2 on a COK-002 (Boardtraces/Diagram):

    [Register or Login to view code]

    From underwurlde comes a ProgSkeet v1.2 Schematic (Reverse Engineered) v1.0 followed by ProgSkeet v1.2 Schematic (Reverse Engineered) v1.1 and ProgSkeet v1.2 Schematic (Reverse Engineered) v1.2 who states the following:

    Not sure if this is the place, but here goes. I have attempted to reverse engineer a schematic for the latest ProgSkeet v1.2 & USB Interface boards. Schematic also hopefully shows how to connect to Dual NAND Flash & NOR flash.

    Note: Might not be 100% correct, so be warned! If you spot any errors, please let me know. Cheers, Andy.

    Below is a Progskeet 1.2 QSB Prototype picture for the upcoming Progskeet Quick Solder Board (QSB) for JSD-001 (NOR layout4 - SUR-001, JTP-001, JSD-001, KTE-001).

    He also made ProgSkeet v1.2 work as a v1.1 with a ProgSkeet v1.2 to v1.1 (Daughter Board) and ProgSkeet v1.2 to v1.1 diagram stating the following:

    To date the ProgSkeet v1.2 does not work (cannot program NAND or NOR chips - although some success has indeed been reported programming NANDs).

    In my quest to get my v1.2 to work I noted that the v1.2 shares much the same hardware as the ProgSkeet v1.1 which DOES work. That is to say the ProgSkeet v1.2 and the ProgSkeet v1.1 shares a common FPGA, the Actel ProASIC 3.

    Here I describe how I have turned my ProgSkeet v1.2 into a ProgSkeet v1.1:

    Image below shows the ProgSkeet v1.2 board wired up such that it then 'becomes' a ProgSkeet v1.1. Unfortunately there is no getting away from the fact that I've had to add extra hardware in the form of a regulator and more importantly a USB driver chip.

    To test my theory, I made a daughter board onto which I've wired my ProgSkeet v1.2:

    So the million dollar question: Did it work?? After using my InJeCtuS to program in the v1.1 BitStream (ProgSkeet_Retail_Default111006.dat) and using WinSkeet111205 I attempted to dump and Program the NAND you see soldered to my daughter board. So far, in dumping and programming a NAND chip... YES! Finally my ProgSkeet v1.2 WORKS.

    TBD: Testing a NOR chip (thanks Sarah1331 for sending me a NOR chip to test). Hope this is of use to someone. Note: In using my ProgSkeet v1.2 as described above, I did NOT change ANY of the resistors on the board - I used it as supplied (R8, R14 and R16 not fitted).

    He also shared a ProgSkeet Phoenix v1.0 Schematic, ProgSkeet Phoenix v1.0 PCB and ProgSkeet Phoenix v1.0 Schematic PDF stating:

    Just updated Schematic based on various requests: 50 way ZIF socket now added for completeness and as well as being able to plop a NAND flash directly onto the PCB, one also has the option to plop a NOR flash on it too now.

    Apologies for the slight delay in updating all of this - with just two layers to play with and limited space (the smaller the PCB, the cheaper) it proved to be a bit of a head-scratch to route everything. Nice if someone could cast their eyes over this and spot any errors and report back before I order some PCBs (probably in the new year now).

    Finally, from M8nTrap comes a Progskeet 1.2 pinout confirmation and DIA001 NOR, as follows:

    After installing my progskeet onto a CECHH04 NOR DIA001 with the "NOR pinout" provided into the pdf progskeet 1.2 manual.. it don't work. When I look at this pinout table, I see missing points... from the manual???

    DIA001 mainboard pinout: this couple of points are they necessary or not for a dia001?? ."3.3v" ."tristate" ."RESET"

    Update: The "tristate" point is obligatory for the progskeet 1.2 onto a motherboard DIA001! point 3.3V (VCC) is not required cuz the power is provided by another point!... who can confirm PLZ! I do a mistake in my PS3 wiki readings, it's the "ground" (VSS) who is provided by another point... sorry! This pinout seems to be correct now!

    Pictures are attached below HERE for those interested.

    Finally, the official Progskeet version 1.21 alongside NOR QSB is now available with details below, to quote:

    Dear Customers, today back in stock new production of PROGSKEET v1.21. The new production introduce a review of the progskeet pcb layout to grant a better and fast production. No new features between v1.21 and v1.20.

    Uber creator of PROGSKEET is working now to release a new version of winskeet... more infos soon.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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