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    Foo Guest
    Solderless. Now then would I be able to take apart my PS3 without anyone sitting there looking at you like."WTF" with really big eyes.

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    Apr 2005

    ProgSkeet v1.1 Crystal Blue Limited Edition for PS3 Arrives

    As a follow-up to the ProgSkeet PS3 Solderless and Dual NAND Kit Tools demo, today the ProgSkeet Team have announced news of a ProgSkeet v1.1 Crystal Blue Edition for the PlayStation 3 that will begin shipping tomorrow.

    To quote: Attached is the new picture of PROGSKEET V1.1 L.E. in distribution right now to our resellers (we start shipping tomorrow).

    The new version of PROGSKEET has these small changes:

    2 - 3.3V and 1.8V selection (1.8V nands like IPHONE are supported)

    Also during next days a new version of the PROGSKEET software will be release, the main target is add the DUAL NAND feature to PROGSKEET. We start to ship soon the samples of solderless tool including the NAND PCB to all our BETA TESTERS.

    For all the “old” 1.0 WHITE progskeet customers we attach here a DATA SHEET of the SOCKET ZIF 50 PIN used on PROGSKEET… is a common part that all can buy on www.digikey.com , www.farnell.com and other distributors. We are also offering this socket for a cheaper price to our distributors, you will find sure online when we star the distribution of the solderless tools. So all SOLDERLESS tools are compatible with WHITE 1.0 PROGSKEET version.

    We hope to show during the next week the first NOR CLIP tool 100% solderless, and also the NOR PCB a nice add on to allow the FULL DUAL NOR feature.

    The production of SOLDERLESS tools start end this week and it takes about 2 weeks to be done. We remember here the kits that will be available:
    • ADAPTOR PCB: the board with 50 pin zif socket and 2 x 32 PIN zif socket. The kit include a 5 CM – 50 PIN flat cable
    • NAND SOCKETS: The solderless socket to connect PROGSKEET to a NAND FLASH TSOP. The kit include a 20 CM – 32 PIN “special” flat cable
    • NAND PCB: The 1GBIT nand flash with 32 PIN zif sockets. Necessary to enable DUAL NAND feature. The kit include a 3 CM – 32 PIN flat cable

    PROGSKEET main word is VERSATILE, customers will be able to use it on ALL kind of devices, and also will buy ONLY the things that are necessar !!


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I just want something that makes me dual boot between firmwares easily.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Yup... 99% of us are too lazy to install something like that. I'm sure a simple solution will arrive... eventually.

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    elser1 Guest
    does this one be the solderless install for the slim? i'm ready to buy one and i think i'll go with the progskeet if it is solderless and allows dual boot.. can someone let me know if this is the one i need..


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    OGroteKoning Guest
    When jailbreaking way back when, the code was ported to all kinds of devices - Teensyy, iPod, calculators, etc. Do you think someone will do the same with this method?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, if you are talking about using a calculator to reflash the PS3's flash chips - no. However, there was NORway which can sort of (at least reflash) for you. Of course, its lots of soldering, and it may not even do what you need.

    There are actually a TON of uses for a nand chip reader, especially if the clip is good (soldering can get annoying to a nand flash). You name your electronic device, you could possibly get a chance to tinker inside!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by OGroteKoning View Post
    When jailbreaking way back when, the code was ported to all kinds of devices - Teensyy, iPod, calculators, etc. Do you think someone will do the same with this method?
    As said above - the problem is not in the software but the hardware - you need some way to conenct to the flash / nand / nor chips on board and that couldn't be resolved purely by the seftware.

    There we'll basically two directions / group of users - one universal, very versatile solution which will support wide range of devices including PS3s but indeed would be less customized and adapted to fit nicelly into the PS3 like progskeet and then other group dedicated mainly to PS3 use with additional bonus of being capable handling other devices as well - good example is the E3 Flasher indeed. It's up to each of us to chose what benefits them best and hope that suppliers of the device will support it with new hw revisions and FWs coming...

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    elser1 Guest
    i doubt i'd use a flasher on any other device but who knows.. i'm dying to get on of these to tinker with but i'm not mucking round soldering on ps3s that are still new and under warranty.. LOL

    i want the clip version and when theres one that works i'll grab it and review it for you all from my point of view.. i've never had exp with nand nor and didn't even know what it was 6 months ago.. LOL

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    I'd say must users like you would incline to the solution customized to PS3 with added bonus of dual boot. Sadly - the hard drives would still need to be swapped - I can hardly see any other solution alowing using two FWs on a single hard drive ...

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