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Thread: ProgSkeet PS3 Hardware Flasher Project is Announced

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    Sostanco Guest
    this is my link and dump both original and patched one. i byte reverse the dump and use e3 nor checker to check the dump. yes flashing the original one give me yold again. i use the last winskeet version.

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    smart123 Guest

    Progskeet diagram for CECHG04 SEM-001

    hello all.

    I'm new here so a noob. Well I have a PS3 fat with cechg04 sem-001 motherboard. I got along a PROGSKEET V1.2 and now I want the ps3 downgrade. But I do not find this motherboard diagram of where I need to solder the wires. Could someone help me with this I've been looking for 3 days.

    Thanks already

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    pinkone Guest
    You'll need to solder to the pins of the two NANDs. Here are the NAND pinouts for the V1.2.

    The 3rd pic is for the older one but its bigger so you can see what each pin is.

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    smart123 Guest
    Thank you for the info. I will go and try it.

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    servo386 Guest
    In general, how difficult is to pull of one of these ProgSkeet mods? Specifically to one of the old CECH0A launch models? I am familiar with soldering but I'm not sure I would say I'm good at it. This for experienced circuit boarders? I've heard of people sucessfully hacking CECH0A's but I don't if they had to downgrade their FW's beforehand. Anyone have any experience with this particular circumstance?

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    pinkone Guest
    servo386 It's very hard to do. If you are not not really good at soldering I wouldn't attempt it. A few guys here offer a downgrade service it may be your best bet to look into that.

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    johnscrub Guest
    well i'm gonna try it as i've received my v1.21 today hopefully it all goes well!! wish me luck

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    Apr 2005

    Arrow ProgSkeet 1.2 Bitstream 2013-03-30 Progskeet 1.2 Bitstream, Fixes NOR Issues

    ProgSkeet 1.2 Bitstream 2013-03-30 by uf6668 is attached below, which fixes NOR issues with the following changes:

    The long awaited fix for Progskeet 1.2 is finally here, uf6667 confirms this should fix the write issues people were getting with 1.2.

    Download: ProgSkeet_12_130330_1909.dat / ProgSkeet_12_130330_1909[1].dat (Mirror) / ProgSkeet_12_130401_1824.rar‎ / ProgSkeet_12_120402_1730.rar‎
    • Dual boot using a switch (led on = secondary nand/nor, led off = primary nand/nor).
    • Supports both solderless nand and nor together. This should fix the write issues people were getting with 1.2.

    ProgSkeet 1.2/1.21 BITSTREAM_12_130401_1824 (via is the second progskeet v1.2 fix NOR bitstream.

    ProgSkeet 1.2/1.21 BITSTREAM_12_120402_1730 (via is another updated bitstream, again to fix the NOR read / write issues on the 1.2 / 1.21 progskeet.

    + Added metastability to the DQ ports to filter out noise and glitches

    + Reduced timeout from 1.3ms down to 320ns per word

    + Added timeout for reads/writes (1ms), no more blocking
    + Fixed bug where it would read gpio from data pins rather than from gpio pins

    + Increased metastability of USB (should no longer disconnect)
    + Restored Samsung Q compatibility that was caused by dualboot pin allocation

    All known / released Progskeet 1.2 Bitstreams:

    Download: Progskeet1.2_Bitstreams.rar (1.68 MB)
    • ProgSkeet_12_121018_0031
    • ProgSkeet_12_121101_1223
    • ProgSkeet_12_121106_2121
    • ProgSkeet_12_130401_2010
    • ProgSkeet_Bitsream_12_130330_1909 [converts_to_works_as_1.1]
    • ProgSkeet_12_120402_1730
    • ProgSkeet_12_130401_1824


    Download: Winskeet.rar (22.6 MB)
    • ProgSkeet_110807
    • YASkeet_20111120
    • WinSkeet40000_111004
    • WinSkeet40000_manual_test
    • Winskeet111120
    • Winskeet111205

    Finally, from uf6667 (via

    [uf6667]: nand and nor
    [uf6667]: nor CONFIRMED working perfect
    [uf6667]: if someone's eager to test nand, this is the one
    <uf6667>: WinSkeet40000_130416_2305 <- in case anyone wants to try

    130416 / Interim update

    Hi folks, I'm utterly sorry for the long absence but I've had quite a lot to deal with, but recently we've been testing the bitstreams with everything possible that's been complained with (most notably Samsung K8Q and NOR writing in general).

    I've had plenty of complaints about "Dump CFI" and Samsung K8Q not working, these issues have been resolved by restoring the very original features from 1.1 (being only either NAND / NOR) and adding timeouts and improving metastability.

    There is a new Winskeet coming that fixes the NAND B bug and increases writing speeds this evening. It's been observed that Samsung K8Q writes very fast on "Single Word / RDY triggered timing" when it is removed from the device but very slow when it is still in-circuit.

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    sumotori Guest

    Unhappy PS3 Error 8002F2CF after downgrading help?

    I had a slim PS3 with firmware OFW 4.41.

    I made:
    • A dump of the nor with ProgSkeet 1.21
    • Verified the dump with Bwe_Nor_Validator. Results: Dump valid.
    • Patched dump with Rogero_Auto_Patcher v0.04
    • Flash the nor with ProgSkeet 1.21.
    • A new dump to compare it with the patched dump. Results: no difference.

    Now, at startup, the PS3 asks me to insert a USB disk with firmware 4.41 or higher!!! When I inserted a disk usb I have the error 8002F2CF. Could someone help me? Thanks

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    amazon Guest

    progskeet 1.1 + Injectus NOR question

    Hi, I have a question maybe someone can help me answer. I've recently downgraded two ps3s, both were NANDs with progskeet 1.1 and now I'm interested in downgrading NOR ps3s. From what I understand, with NOR, you don't have to program the progskeet 1.1 with injectus, but would I have to reset the progskeet 1.1 somehow because I've uploaded code to it via injectus (during my NAND downgrades)? Thanks.

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