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    Thumbs Up Progress Made Making Custom PS3 .AT3 sounds

    Well I've been playing around with the .at3 sound files & have replaced my custom .at3 with the one from Madden 11. Only catch is that its not playing correctly & doesn't loop. It is playing slightly too fast, sounds like a chipmunk LoL It's actually not that bad.

    If anyone else wants to play around with, you will need ATRAC3 codecs (ATTACHED), goldwave & any audio software that can cut mp3 length to under 1 min.

    I have attached the .at3 that i made if anyone wants to test, to see if it sounds like a chipmunk for you too LoL

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    Here is another custom at3 sound from Super Mario Bros Outterworld. Works perfect for me, no chipmunk effect.

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    You get a +Rep for the effort IndyColtsFan84, and thanks for sharing them!

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    Here is a Crash Bandicoot Theme at3 if anyone is interested. Can't seem to get them to loop like they should, maybe someone can figure that out.

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    thanks luckluka, worked just fine for my crash bandicoot theme at3. Working just like it should, looping & no chipmunk effect. Also i am using Sony Sound Forge Pro now to make the at3.

    Any idea what that program does to make it loop?

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    Here is the looped Crash Bandicoot Theme at3. Special Thanks to Luckluka for the looping tool.

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    How bought the old start up sound of the ps3. Before slim came out?

    And weres the .at3 file located in directory? can't seem to find it

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    the at3 files i have uploaded are meant for XMB title screens. BLUSXXXXX\PS3_GAME or dev_hdd0\game\NPUXXXXXX\
    You can also use these with PSN games & demos

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    You have any idea were the start up sound file is located?

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