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    Question ProDG Target Manager - Screenshots?

    Does anyone have documentation on how to capture images during gameplay using the ProDG Target Manager with a PS3 Debugging station (DECHA00A)?

    The PS3 is able to save screens to the HDD however, the title has to implement the function. Perhaps, if we can execute "the function" through ProDG Target Manager then screen captures would be entirely possible.


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    Last I checked, this is still only possible if the title implements said screen capture function.

    Sure, it would be easy for Sony to add in a few extra's to be able to capture screens/video through ProDG or similiar, however if they will is another question.

    For the moment, you are stuck with either an analog capture, or using the nice HDCP disable function on your TEST, and capturing over HDMI!

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    What version of Target Manager do you have DrKram?

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