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  1. #21
    Wonderkik Guest
    I thought Recuva would take several hours to complete, but after a few mins it recovered a file called "ReadyBoostPerfTest.tmp". I RARed it because I couldn't upload it as a Tmp file.

    Hope it gives us something, but I doubt it sadly...

  2. #22
    zoned Guest
    That appears to be the file that windows (vista and 7) writes to the card to test if it is suitable for enabling readyboost.

  3. #23
    Wonderkik Guest
    I knew I heard that term before, couldn't remember where...

    Well, then I just have a free Cf card, I'm lucky, but not enough to get decryption keys from Sony on a platter

    Maybe next time ^^

  4. #24
    DemonHades Guest
    the file dumped is all 000000000000000000
    install the winhex and open device ,u put see raw data cf card


  5. #25
    atlask2 Guest
    Yes, open it with winhex (launch the soft with administrator right) and make a clone of your cf card.

  6. #26
    Wonderkik Guest
    Grrrr the only Winhex I found prevents me from saving larger than 200 Kb files...

    Let me find another one (probably less legit ^^ ) and I'll do that.

  7. #27
    sapperlott Guest
    If you're familiar with Linux you can also grab a Linux LiveCD and use dd to make a copy:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    If you're not familiar with Linux you should probably not try this since you could nuke your HDD if you're not careful

  8. #28
    internetfloozy Guest
    Free Hex Editor Neo is a decent free one... you won't need anything reasonably new or feature rich any open source one should work too.

  9. #29
    xrayglasses Guest
    WinHex 15.6 (latest version) has been keygenned by nearly every release team on the face of the planet. It's pretty easy to find.

    Demonhades is right, it has the raw disk dumping needed. FlexHex is just a better hexeditor, but doesn't have that feature.

  10. #30
    Tidusnake666 Guest

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