Today PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Choco made available a PPC Compiler for compiling PowerPC (Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC Performance Comp) instructions to OpCodes for PS3 development and modding with details below.

Download: PPC Compiler.rar

To quote: This is a tool I created for compiling PowerPC instructions into OpCodes. This is EXTREMELY useful for PS3 modding, as all PS3 .elfs are PowerPC. This is a PPU compiler, so it will compile opcodes that will work for any PS3 game application (or xbox .xex files).

How to use:

1. Enter your instructions in the box on the left.
2. Enter the address that you will be injecting the opcodes at in the Start Address box (note, this is the address from IDA/Memory, not the HxD address).
3. Click the compile button.
4. Copy the opcodes from the rightmost box and paste them into your elf at the appropriate address.

To designate a register, put a "%" symbol in front of it. For example:

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For bl instructions, just do:

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For example:

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For conditional branching instructions, just do the instruction followed by the distance to branch. For example:

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(Sorry about the false positives, the app has been protected to prevent reverse engineering)

  • BuC-Shotz for some help and some code
  • The makers of MinGW
  • xSonoro for packing
  • iMCSx for some C# help

Enjoy guys, hopefully this will be useful to some of you!

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