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    MorporgX, joining. Lock'n load.

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    Still using my tag from Xbox1 days

    xtag: Elocon

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    Nov 2010
    I'm Yenyaw on Xlink Kai.

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    Nov 2010
    Am1K0x, say what game, I'll join..

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    Dec 2010

    my xlink : remy24700

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    Hello mine is "Shaolaan" i would be happy to play Black ops Zombie mod on xlink with some guys ! so feel free to add me !

    i thinks that it would be great to make a PS3NEWS ARENA ! so all jailbroken ps3 people can join and play together ! so no need to search for players !!!

    Anyone can make it ?

    Sorry for my english, i'm from morroco.

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    noob xlink user

    Hi, i am located in South East Asia. i have a few questions.

    1. Can i use multiple ps3 with 1 Xlink kai on 1 PC and use it online?
    2. I am planning to play MW2, Blackops, warhawk, BC2 etc. Will there be a lot of games online? Honestly, i am planning to hook up my whole neighborhood which approx 12 ps3. What kind of bandwidth do i need? i have Dedicated Broadband but only 1-2MBit/s. i heard online gaming don't really need much bandwidth like downloading/streaming.
    3. Is it possible to play with ppl from US (most likely the biggest player pool)? i play HoN on PC and i get crazy lag for US server, Bandwidth and latency wise, is it possible?
    4. Does username for xlink, is linked to PS3 MAC address, or there can be multiple account in 1 ps3 just like psn?
    5. Do you need to add your friend 1st or you can just join up/create public games?
    6. Lastly, how about different version of a game out there? i know MW2 has a few patches (1.x.x). Will multiplyer still works or it has to be same version?

    Since xlink kai only works using LAN eternet (No wifi) can i use more than 1 router or a network HUB? my router is built in to a modem and only has 1 eternet slot.

    this thread is dead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyxzlol View Post
    this thread is dead?
    Yea, the last post was from 2010 so bumping them generally doesn't help since nobody usually replies to old threads. I will leave it open for another day or so and then close it up I guess.

    Here are a few related articles that may be of use in the meantime:

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