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  1. #21
    Kuresu Guest
    Online tag is Seltheus.

    Does anyone know if White Knight Chronicles and Lost Planet 2 works with Xlink?

    I used to play MHF2 on my psp with this. It's nice to find another new use for it

  2. #22
    Mbb Guest
    My tag is PS-Mbb, I have almost all the scene released games , only the COD titles will not work.

  3. #23
    sgnmg4ever Guest
    I am gonna try this out, if i get it hooked up right i'll come back and put my name on here.

  4. #24
    Rand023 Guest
    mine is Rand023 will the new medal of honor work on this?

    Edit: Nevermind Medal of Honor does not have LAN capabilities

  5. #25
    Ten2 Guest
    cod waw works but i had to use the original disc at first and use game update with it and then playing from hdd dump works fine. im gona have modernwarfare 2 soon to try, both of them are on xlink kai and working but no ones ever on playing.

  6. #26
    urbex Guest
    urbex any game with LAN support will work.

  7. #27
    Ne0z Guest
    Howdy!!! My tag be: 0menZeed. Unfortunately i've read two tutorials and have yet to have Xlink work properly.. guess i'll have to keep trying.

  8. #28
    pragmadev Guest
    My tag is mach_kernel!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mbb View Post
    My tag is PS-Mbb, I have almost all the scene released games , only the COD titles will not work.
    I hear that there's a copy of Modern Warfare 2 that works via the internal drive. Also, I can't find a COD5 scene release for PS3 (JB or otherwise at that).

  9. #29
    brushless Guest
    Right now the only game i have is F1 2010 my tag is Zviper.

  10. #30
    bl0wme Guest
    With the release of black ops around the corner i'm assuming everyone wants to play it online..

    i hope its gonna be able to work on jailbroken ps3's.

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