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  1. #11
    FMAranda Guest
    My xlink tag is : FMAranda

    I only try WipeOut HD until now.

  2. #12
    minddagap Guest

    That's my tag.

  3. #13
    lordboo03 Guest
    lordboo03 is my xtag

  4. #14
    DeViL303 Guest
    Cool, I've Added ye all. add me.

  5. #15
    xflarex Guest
    My name is "xflarex" I'll have to look through my games to see which are compatible. so far i know blur has LAN so i hope it's compatible, ill try it out in about an hour.

  6. #16
    RandomAlias Guest
    does killzone 2 work like this? anybody know?

    Id prefer to play a real shooter and get away from the cod kids

    I will setup a account and post my ID here... but we really need a good list of games that work this way!!

  7. #17
    Ten2 Guest
    i'd like to play call of duty world at war ,resistance or resistance 2.

  8. #18
    RandomAlias Guest
    any sports games work? fifa worldcup/2010/2011? madden?

    PSn games like tekken 5 dark ressurection?

  9. #19
    gamesniper Guest

    Yeah... Either he's from Sony or he's just some ignorant person who hasn't even given PSGroove a chance, even after the code was released. Well, it doesn't affect me in any way...


    Well, Philiac is my xtag... I'll be trying it out before I actually decide if I want to stay or not :P

  10. #20
    jd200 Guest


    nice to see people joining, my tag is leo222

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