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Thread: Post Background Images Here

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    marc2590 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by dezza7291 View Post
    That won't work properly, it looks nice, but if you look at the newer Sexy Manager it has a square top right with the game logo, which would cover up your options.
    Those are for Pretty Manager. J2 said he would try to keep all of his versions up to date

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    dezza7291 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by limnique View Post
    dezza7291, damn, can anyone upload psd for new open manager?
    I don't have such a thing, what i've been doing is just overlaying the BG's posted in the other thread and getting the locations right, i'l post a PSD eventually.

    Edot: 'sk group' already posted a PSD:

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    dezza7291 Guest
    Thanks very much, sk group, for the PSD. I've just been playing about with it, got the text on the right hand side to line up a bit better, I'l attach the PSD and a couple of examples.

    The bare one is the one I'm currently using and I think it looks great. In the PSD there is still the option to put the background back onto the games list, or an opaque background also. I have also attached an example of what it actually looks like on the PS3.

    If anybody has any requests, post a 1080p picture and tell me which style they want and I'l throw a BG.PNG together for you.

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    oma Guest
    sorry to be a newb, but how do we change the background in the first place?

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    dezza7291 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by oma View Post
    sorry to be a newb, but how do we change the background in the first place?
    FTP into hdd0/game/OMANxxxxx/USRDIR/ and replace BG.PNG.

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    xxniteeyexx Guest
    I'm looking for a more graphical BG, something less Backgroundy and more made Specifically to house each line (game) and have a nice border around the game icon, as well as the legend tab.

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    farenheit Guest

    Re-Did some of my images to add more information to the legend and added some transparency. Shifted the legend down as per PSPSwampys request <- let me know if it still needs adjusting (at work).

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    farenheit Guest
    A few more background images...

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    BwE Guest
    i love my sexy theme


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    BwE Guest
    forgot to upload my updated template see my previous post for how it looks.

    i think i've aligned everything up alright

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