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    idone Guest

    Post all ps3-updatelist.txt

    Please help me by providing any you may have, the first one (1.10) is missing the proper image version so if you have that please post it also. Both shop and retail are wanted so if you can help please do. Also if you see an error in any of the ones i posted please help me to correct it.

    The region it is from doesn't matter as the image version and hash for the pup will still be the same.

    Again please help if you can!!!

    thanks to all who contribute, i will give you rep... Also if you have some kiosk .pup's please see my email in my profile.


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    aldostools Guest
    Firmware verification addresses

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Firmware verification address for PS3 Demo

    image version

    [Register or Login to view code]

    For eu, jp, kr, uk, au, tw, etc, just replace the /us/ and http://dus01. in the link.


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    idone Guest
    0001869f is image version for all debug pup's 2.00 and above. (atleast verified for 2.15 and above but seems to be true for all downgradable pups)

    debug 1.60 image version 00000f62
    debug 1.80 image version 000014eb

    still post em if you got em. and i am most interested in getting the ones for promo fw.

    2.10 promotion image version 000023e4
    2.20 promotion image version 0000303b
    2.30 promotion image version 000035d5
    2.35 promotion image version 00003b05
    2.42 promotion image version 00004830
    2.50 promotion image version 00005b5a
    2.51 promotion image version 00005d26

    @aldostools i added rep for you

    and not to beat a horse till ist dead but if you have some promo firmware to share please see my email


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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I moved this here per request by idone via e-mail!

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    sekemc Guest
    I've been wondering do we know how they generate this portion of the folder name?

    Is it some sort of Hash based off the firmware update itself?

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    idone Guest
    2008 = year
    1105 = month then day
    next is md5 hash of ps3updat.pup

    and the image version info you see us posting about is either found in the updatelist.txt or in the pup itself if the updatelist.txt isnt available.

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