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Thread: Possibly editing the PSJB Backup Manager to hide its ID?

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    Field Guest

    Lightbulb Possibly editing the PSJB Backup Manager to hide its ID?

    Hi all,

    On news of the PSJailbreak and it's 'Backup Manager.pkg', and the more recent news that Sony might be able to detect it, this idea came to mind.

    The PKG file of the 'backup manager' is UP0001-LAUN12345_00-0000111122223333 vs the ID / PKG of Super Rub a Dub - UP9000-NPUA80063_00_VER02180407PACK1

    So my theory is if we change the Backup Manager ID to something else, then sony won't detect it as easily. Sure there would be an huge amount of people installing Super Rub a Dub ID, but if 20 or so new/old ID were available, then it'll be a lot more hidden. Since the USB is allowing unsigned code, this should be still be Ok for the time being, until a new firmware comes out.

    I'm yet to hex edit the PKG files and see if there are other references there, but if the USB device does allow unsigned code, then changing the PKG should be acceptable. Right? Any ideas, thanks for your time, looking forward to the device this week sometime.. already got mine on order.

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    Apr 2005
    I don't have it myself, although CJPC has one on the way so he can likely confirm this if nobody else does first, but it should be fine to change the ID as long as you also update the PARAM.SFO file to reflect this change.

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    Field Guest
    Oh yes, the PARAM.SFO [I remember seeing that on with the PSP files]. Might have a look at some of the apps made by PS3N members for some more insight.. the PS3 Debug PKG test file made by CJPC is interesting for me to learn more about working on the PKG files.

    Thanks for the info PS3 NEWS.

    Well call me gutsy or plain stupid, but I've send an email to PSJailbreak asking them some questions regarding the ID tag of the 'Backup Manager'. Who knows they might reply, but not holding my breath.

    I figure that, if at least, people have the chance to escape the ban, then everyone will be happy and not annoyed that the devices only works for a short time.

    Also is there a way to extract the SFO file from within a PKG file?

    Who knows, maybe this won't work, but at least it's a chance.

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    TUHTA Guest

    How to change Backup manager Title iD

    So hello everyone, don't know if it has been posted already but i want to answer to question.

    HOW TO CHANGE TITLE ID to Dont get Banned From PSN?

    Download PKG unpacker GUI (OFFICIAL SDK NEEDED!!!) and already UNPACKED manager.pkg

    You can use any available SFO editors but i'd like to use Official

    If it helped, please +Rep

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Excellent, can't wait before the first post from a successful "Title change" is written here !

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    taladas20 Guest
    Boss is CJPC getting a psjailbreak or a clone? Any ETA on the dongles arrival to CJPC?

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    Apr 2005
    No ETA, they just said they would ship it ASAP... so far, we're confirmed to be getting an x3JailBreak but not sure on the others yet (PS JailBreak and PS3Key) to test out.

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    taladas20 Guest
    Ah! so X3 seems to be legit

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    TUHTA Guest
    Oww, today was walking to my SHOP that is near me, saw That Jailbreak!!! 2 left, but they said they had a lot of them, they sold them, and 2 left for Demoing!!! It costed 55$

    Ow my God ITS WORKING!

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    Figgzor Guest


    TUHTA, is it PS jailbreak or one of the clones? 55$ is way too cheap compared with what everyone else is selling them for.

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