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Thread: Possibly editing the PSJB Backup Manager to hide its ID?

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    TUHTA Guest
    It was clone by China!

    Well no, it's expensive actually!

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    gangster007 Guest
    do you know the name of the clone?

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    luix Guest
    DON'T GO ONLINE WITH A JAILBREAKED PS3! IT's not made to play online!!! how many people have been banned from xbox live, and for what, for their flashed drives, $ony is not stupid! just buy a second console like me and you are ready to play on and offline, like you want, games you want to play online have to be bought!!!

    the next fw update will block you from playing online, and new games also, as it is with the 360, play online on your own risk!!!

    @TUHTA: can you also get me a clone as yours, i pay via paypal, thanks!

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    radialman Guest
    does it work ok? lol what does it look like?

    I will be getting a clone too!

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    djhazardous Guest
    That is quite big news TUHTA, you should post pics and info, do it for PS3 NEWS!

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    randalf Guest

    You can see two references to title_id in EBOOT.BIN file,perhaps also need to edit and modify.

    This would be the content uncompressed of manager.pkg: LAUN12345

    Quote Originally Posted by Field View Post
    On news of the PSJailbreak and it's 'Backup Manager.pkg', and the more recent news that Sony might be able to detect it, this idea came to mind.

    The PKG file of the 'backup manager' is UP0001-LAUN12345_00-0000111122223333

    Content_ID = UP0001-LAUN12345_00-0000111122223333 is included during the creation of pkg in the config file called package.conf

    For example:
    make_package_npdrm     package.conf     -->         UP0001-LAUN12345_00-0000111122223333.pkg  
    Rename manager.pkg


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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, it should work assuming the "magic" inside the usb dongle does not specifically look for / redirect to that exact folder - if it does not, then editing it should work perfectly!

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    Field Guest
    Whoa awesome with the files Randalf.

    So I'm guessing I'd need to change all references to Backup Manager and LAUN12345 and replace with another ID. Super Rub n Tub is only 100KB (though that doesn't sound right) but I'm assuming that I could pad the Backup Manager PKG to be a larger size if need be - though I doubt that Sony could check file sizes, only the ID codes.

    Once all references have been changed in the PARAM.SFO and EBOOT.BIN, then I'd need to create them back to a PKG file [also re-naming the hex at the start].

    Haven't got a reply back as yet from PSJB, was thinking of asking Oz (I'm in the same state as him and I've brought my PSJB from him) if he was able to try the modified PKG file - to see if it at least boots up.

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    randalf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Yeah, it should work assuming the "magic" inside the usb dongle does not specifically look for / redirect to that exact folder - if it does not, then editing it should work perfectly!

    Yes, work perfectly I followed the process:

    -Edit EBOOT.BIN and change ID, edit PARAM.SFO to add a new TITLE and title_id.
    -Generate new pkg adding in package.conf the new content_id.

    Backup Manager / LAUN12345 / UP0001-LAUN12345_00-0000111122223333

    Test Change / NUAL12345 / UP0001-NUAL12345_00-0000111122223333

    The game has been used Mirror Edge, which works without apparent problem.

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    Kiriller Guest
    TUHTA, go to the shop asap and take pictures, and/or grab a laptop and see whats good on that memory stick of theirs

    Cannot believe it, x3 is actually real, who knows maybe it is infact regular mem stick with ps3 partition :O if so, this has win written all over it.

    ...currently debating whether to update my 3.15 fat or wait and test to see if x3 will work... any ideas?

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