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    I guess the more 'Open Source' or 'Paid For' solutions there are, the better. They all do the same thing, just different ways of achieving it

    I've got an Ipod Touch and thought about trying it, but the idea of installing iDroid on the device, just seemed too hard, especially since I'd pre-ordered a Blackcat and a Maximus device.

    The other thing is that the USB device is a simple plug in - almost set and forget. But it depends on the end-user really. I was happy to wait. But I should be getting my device tomorrow, so I shall be able to try all the cool homebrew stuff. First thing I'm trying is try is the Aerial patched Jailbreak [that's PSGroove patched with lv2dump and apploader] with the PS3 FTP app. Can't wait to have a bit of a sticky-beak.

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    Forgive me for being bit late but there is boot_history of last 32 or 30 games and push list inc. games, what software they running for update purposes, and video list.. so even if you start backup manager as different name game in push list still be shown as xxxxx started from hdd.

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