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    Tageskarte Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    You do not need all of them, only the NPDRM SELF (.self) which gets renamed to EBOOT.BIN, and put in usrdir, then you can make a package.
    So I can go and rip a Blu-ray and then run it as a HDD game without the need for any disk?

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    Kiriller Guest
    Alright... sorry for sounding like a newb but what is the verdict of this idea:

    1) can the id of the backup manager be changed and therefore be seen as a different game?
    2) By doing so, can sony see if we have the actual for example mw2 installed vs masked backup loader?
    3) has sony really banned anyone yet of the psn? or will they be able to upon the assumnption of you running homebrew masked as a different game?

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Tageskarte View Post
    So I can go and rip a Blu-ray and then run it as a HDD game without the need for any disk?
    In certain cases, yes.

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    X3nophon Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    In certain cases, yes.
    Oh, wow. So could this actually be the solution for all those with a broken drive?

    What about those without a drive board? I remember how even demos refused to work on those consoles.

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    Tageskarte Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    In certain cases, yes.
    Thanks, and what do you mean by certain cases?

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, I did not go that far - namely umm, you can run games from HDD with quite a bit of patching to the executable, however you may still need the drive board - as afaik (someone correct me if my memory is off) but PS3's without BD drives won't run PSN content (ie, installed hdd stuff).

    Not sure if that would still hold true - but alas, it may.

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    TurboTronix Guest
    What about creating an online sever where people can connect to one another and play like during the XBOX days. If I am correct there was a separate online server for hacked XBOX consoles...

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    Field Guest
    You mean the Xlink Kai. Looking at their website now, it has Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PSP and Gamecube owners. Though I can't see anything more in detail mentioning the PS3. From memory years ago, only games that used System Link worked for the Xbox1. Very limited. Not sure if things have changed from those days.

    I also had a feeling, well I've heard, that PS3 online games were not part of Sony, but linked to the game developers servers, compared to the Xbox360, where every game must goes through their MS servers - hence why World Of Warcraft is not possible on the Xbox360 [Blizzard host their own of course farm of servers]. Heard that a while ago, not sure how true it is.

    I would imagine that it'll need a huge amount of server space and power to allows hacked consoles to play on a 'hacked friendly' network. Ping issues, dropouts, no matchmaking, more hassle that it's worth maybe.

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    TurboTronix Guest
    Ya that is what I was talking about... They posted it promoting PS3 on it as well.

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    shdwghst457 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Figgzor View Post
    TUHTA, is it PS jailbreak or one of the clones? 55$ is way too cheap compared with what everyone else is selling them for.
    Especially since there are ways of doing it for free with an iPhone! Or am I missing something, something that the expensive method can do that the PSFreedom (and it's modified cousin that allows Backup Manager) can't?

    I'm currently putting together a thorough guide for Mac users who want to JB their PS3 using an iPhone 3G. Will post as soon as it's ready!

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