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  1. #101
    Drulo Guest
    and how to change the folder structure of backup manager? where does that file you guys are mentioning that Sony uses to know wich games we played is stored? Flash memory or HDD?

  2. #102
    Field Guest
    Hi Drulo,

    Not sure what you mean with that, well I do but not sure If I'll be answering your question lol

    The folder that we are talking about is where the backup manager stores the game backup to the internal HDD. The file structure of the PS3 HDD is dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ - also note that we have changed the LAUN12345 to something else to avoid detection, and also the GAMEZ was changed to GDATA or anything else [but keep it to 6 letters]

    We've changed the LAUN12345 as it might be easy for Sony to detect and also that of GAMEZ as the Z is a little 'too cool for school'. GDATA seems like a good choice as it's something that Sony and game developers might use. VIDEO could be another.

    With regard to the file that Sony 'might' be able to read - it's a dat file and stored at location dev_hdd0/home/PROFILENUMBER/etc and 2 files at /dev_hdd0/vsh/pushlist/ named game.dat and patch.dat. It's believed that these files may contain info regarding what Content ID you have installed and played. You will need to use PS3FTP app to view the PS3 HDD.

    I am yet to get my device, should have it by the end of this week. I'm most looking forward to trying the FTP and LV2 app just released

  3. #103
    j0hnny07 Guest
    What exactly is stored in the flash memory? does it contain any incriminating evidence that sony could possibly read? is there any way to view what gets stored there?

  4. #104
    Field Guest
    I'm guessing that 'PS3 FTP Server' by CJPC will be able to view those contents.

    Full Read/Write access to all of "dev_hdd0" (including save areas, games, VM etc)
    Full Read/Write access to "dev_flash2" and "dev_flash3"
    Full Read/Write access to connected usb devices
    Full Read access to "dev_flash"
    Full Read access to "dev_bdvd"

    I'm assuming that this is the 'flash' that Drulo has mentioned and is talking about. I don't have access to the FTP at the moment, still need my Jailbreak device. Along with that, the PS3 hypervisor LV2 (GameOS) can now be dumped and be examined by the hacking community. So quite possibly soon, we'll have a better understanding of the console and it's inner workings.

    I also did see an interesting thread about a file (not the Content ID log ones) that stores most of your console's information like hard drive serial, mac address, possibly your password, and other neat stuff.

  5. #105
    GamerSuper Guest
    could you please help me, how can i change game name?

    for example i have prince of persia.. how to change it's name so in backup manager and in XMB it would be different? how to change this title?

  6. #106
    Field Guest
    Are you trying to change the backup name installed on the HDD? Not sure why you would need to. We only change the ID of the backup manager to hide from Sony if they look fit the LAUN12345. Gotta go to work, but check out Ninja Backup Manager for more info or use the FTP app to copy EBOOT.BIN. Will explain later tonight if you are still stuck.

    @ GamerSuper

    If you really wanted to change the game backup that is installed on your internal or external Hard Drive, you would need to use PS3FTP. Log into your console and go to the folder of the game backup. There are tutorial for this, I can link them if you'd like.

    You can then change the PARAM.SFO with Hellcat's PS3SFOEdit. Load the SFO up and change the Title. I think this should work, and should be ok.

    Note that games installed on the HD are not show as 'Prince Of Persia', but something like BLUSXXXXX, or BLESXXXXX with X being numbers. I wouldn't change those titles as EBOOT.BIN or other files might be linked to them. Also once we can get updates to work for those backups, that might cause issue down the track.

    I personally wouldn't even change the name. I'm yet to see why. If log files do get stored, well it's storing a legit game anyway [ie BLUSXXXXX]. It's the LAUN12345 that is the trouble maker. If it's the fear that BLESXXXX are being loaded from the HD, then that could be a possibility, but that's also, maybe why, a game has to be in the drive to fully work.

    I'm yet to get my device, but what i've mentioned should be correct. Oh if you do decide to change the titles, enable 'PSP Remote Play available' [with PS3SFOEdit] as that feature sounds really neat!

  7. #107
    racer0018 Guest
    I'm waiting for my board that i ordered and i'm going to try this out. Thanks

  8. #108
    GamerSuper Guest
    field, thx and another question, can I make a pkg from retail game so i will able to install it and play from XMB without backup manager?

    it's written in SDK docs: "The NPDRM SELF (.self), NPDRM SPRX (.sprx), and NPDRM EDATA (.edat) files will be identified by their extensions. (Extensions are not case-sensitive.)"

    where should i take NPDRM SELF (.self), NPDRM SPRX (.sprx), and NPDRM EDATA (.edat) and what are they? just wanted to try to make PKG from USRDIR but dunno where should i take those files?

  9. #109
    CJPC Guest
    You do not need all of them, only the NPDRM SELF (.self) which gets renamed to EBOOT.BIN, and put in usrdir, then you can make a package.

  10. #110
    GamerSuper Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    You do not need all of them, only the NPDRM SELF (.self) which gets renamed to EBOOT.BIN, and put in usrdir, then you can make a package.
    now it requires MSYS environment

    i installed it from there: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/mingw/MSYS-1.0.11.exe

    but nothing changed. what's wrong? what search path should i set?

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