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Thread: Possible PS3 Test console. How can I tell?

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    Caeser Guest

    Possible PS3 Test console. How can I tell?

    Now, I know the obvious answer is that it has the big word "TEST" under the PS3 on the faceplate. I don't have that. However, my PS3 won't work with normal updates, it only works with debug updates. This has brought me SUCH an amount of grief let me tell you. I bought this from a seller who quickly became unavailable after selling it to me. Also, when I bought it, it was missing a hard drive (har har). Anyway, I got it working well and well enough, but I really don't know how to label my PS3 for any potential buyers (I want to get a NORMAL PS3 you see.) Anyway, do I have a Test PS3? Or do I have some freaking hybrid that no one will ever love?

    Hope to hear from ya!

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Hmm, I'm not sure but if what you say is true, in that it only update with PS3 Dev f/w then surely it must be a dev / test/ whatever but it's not retail. (how much did the guy you bought it off charge for it??)

    Also, does it play BD movies?? As non retail units can't.

    Does it have any extra Dev menus or whatever in the XMB??

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    Caeser Guest
    Well, you're gonna have to slow down with the "XMB"/Dev talk, I'm computer literate, but the PS3 is relatively new to me. Course, when I got home and realized that it didn't update normally AND it didn't have a hard drive, I was majorly pissed and believed that I'd be scammed. Although, judging from the quality of the truck and the demeanor of the heavily tattooed, mustachiod man in the wifebeater, I'm gonna be an ass and assume that he thought he was selling me a broken piece of crap (having already sold the hard drive to some third party I'll assume).

    As for your second question, I can't play BD movies and I can't play dvds either (though I don't know if normal PS3s play dvds I suppose since I've never been able to play around with a normal PS3.) I believe it was originally a 60 gig, though that's from the very questionable word of a man in a wifebeater (apologies to those who favor the wifebeater). I suppose that claim is backed up by the number of usb ports and the fact I haven't had any trouble playing PS2 games.

    I also notice a Debug Systems menu (it's got a little star by it) in the main menu screen. There's a load of little options there that I've very little idea what to do with.

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    O40ozConstable Guest
    Yeah I would say try to play a blueray movie and see how that works.

    Also see how it responds to the new 2.5 firmware upgrade and what the XMB looks like after installing that.

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    mukumuku Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by O40ozConstable View Post
    Yeah I would say try to play a blueray movie and see how that works.

    Also see how it responds to the new 2.5 firmware upgrade and what the XMB looks like after installing that.
    But how are you gonna install it since it can't be updated with normal retail fw?

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    CJPC Guest
    Caeser, it does sound like it may be a Debug Unit, however there are a few other things to check first.

    Namely, any stickers on the unit, thats a big giveaway. Furthermore, I take it it did not function without a HDD?

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Yes, perhaps the sticker on the back should say something (the one with the serial and model number)...

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    Caeser Guest
    Ah yes...there's the big obvious sticker on the bottom. Prototype it says. For testing. I suppose that would make this a test model. Now, the bigger question here, would be, now what? I mean, what can I do with this? Also, how the hell did I get this? I assume they're not exactly common. Will Sony exchange it for me? Is there any kind of a market for these units? What?

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    omar8503 Guest
    Don't exchange it to sony. Theres plenty of people that will purchase it from you for a tidy sum.

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    CJPC Guest
    Indeed, if your interested, drop an email to cjpc @ (no space!) and we can talk more about it!

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