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    Newbie zangetsu1's Avatar
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    Aug 2009

    Quote Originally Posted by superste2201 View Post
    How did geohot creates his custom 3.21? There has to be some answers there.
    As far as I know there actually isn't any real proof that he was running custom 3.21.

    He knew that the job was too great for him... PS3 is not an Iphone...

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    Sr. Member TUHTA's Avatar
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    Sep 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by superste2201 View Post
    How did geohot creates his custom 3.21? There has to be some answers there.
    Well theorically he did it like i said it before, he just found a keys and rebuild 3.21 firmware upgrade!

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    nice try though mate

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    Apr 2005

    Well, it does make sense, so with this method it would be possible to update to a higher firmware with some custom files of other firmwares to let us keep the otheros? it's that right?

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    yes technically, we could do that. But... we would be in a bind like in the psp where it was one right after another.What if they change their whole system? We would have to start over. Thats what happened in the psp and look where that got us? Wait for a more solid hack to emerge so sony can't patch it with a simple firmware update but by actually changing the motherboard of the console.

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    I think that it's actually impossible edit PS3 Firmware in any way, because there are the CoreOS check inside the Firmware.

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    Newbie Darny's Avatar
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    Jun 2010

    Thanks to all of you for your input the information was very useful, but now I have another question.

    Using SKFU's Exploit Loader what scripts can I load and also if someone can explain in more detail what it does and can do regrading a retail ps3 and gamesaves.

    I used the search feature and did find a good explanation on SKFU's loader but now I wanna move my question to the .tif exploit... what does it do and what can I achieve doing it?
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    Geohot was told how to get the HMAC keys, that's how he could have got CFW. There is also the theory he was never running CFW and just hacked the vsh.


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