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Thread: Possible PS3 Exploit

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    Loaded900 Guest

    Lightbulb Possible PS3 Exploit

    Well i came accross this this morning and late yesterday

    Log on to PSN

    Have gta iv to hand start the game up send the a message to a friend on the PSN Network then press PS Button my PS3 Said the PS3 SYstem cannot continue due to software error and needs to restore the system update by pressing the SELECT AND START BUTTON or restart thte system


    log onto PSN

    load GTa iv

    Go into a really laggy game if you can

    Exit the multiplayer game then eject the disc my game GTA IV carried on playing for approx 10 mins with no disc i will post a video if i can get it to do it again just a heads up .... hope it helps

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    idone Guest
    On many games,,er at least the 2 i have, you can continue playing until you reach the next level or the next point in which the game needs to read data off the disc to put on the hdd.

    If you have rfom give it a can keep playing for awhile after the disc is removed, once it needs more game data it will ask you to reinsert the game again...

    Unfortunately this road leads nowhere..

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