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    I have decided to just sell my unit and buy the one that has 3.55 firmware or that has a custom firmware installed.. I was so close to try this method but cant take the risk since it's out of warranty..

    I waited about 6-7 month for iphone jailbreak to come out as well and it never came out so I ended up selling it and bought the one that supports my carrier (i had to spend bit more money )

    and i think this is will be the same situation... i'm soo sick of waiting game...

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    I can confirm this as not working!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalids19 View Post
    am still on 3.56, by the way am really waiting for anyone to try this and show proof then only i will try.
    If it becomes to resource intensive for hackers to mod eboots to play back newest titles on 3.55 I'm sure they will look to the future and try to develop CFW for 3.60. Which would probably be safer then trying to back pedal. best of luck.

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