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    Beegee7730 Guest

    Question Porting exploits from Wii to PS3?

    I had an idea, would it be possible to "port" Indiana Pwns from Wii to PS3?

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    Apr 2005
    PS3 = hypervisor, Wii = none. Also, the Wii Devs are all pals with the PS3 Devs so if something like this was possible it would have been done the second it was discovered for Wii.

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    myrideruk Guest

    Big Grin

    sounds to easy, but there the best softmods i.e name a horse 256+ letters long! lmao

    how to crack the hypervisor! press X,Square,triangle 3 times, press start then select, tap eject twice then circle!! LMFAO!!!

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