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Thread: PlayStation Sony Entertainment Network Cloud Acceleration Platform (PSEN-CAP)

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    Cool PlayStation Sony Entertainment Network Cloud Acceleration Platform (PSEN-CAP)

    We're conducting research for a new service based on a heavily modified version of the PlayStation Download Manager, this will raise the performance bar for those running fibre-optic connections; with a potential to reach 300 Mbps per customer of which currently dwarfs the abiltity of SEN (10 Mbps).

    The primary features include:
    • Support for Playstation 3 & PS Vita
    • Attainable speeds of up to 300 Mbps per client
    • Direct Stream redirection which can improve buffering of movie rentals via Netflix, Youtube etc on your console.
    • Ultra Low Latency cached image's with automatic compression.
    • Direct Pass and Cache so you no longer receive an error on the store; when starting a download.

    What will you offer in the package?
    • 20GB a month of bandwidth via our cloud accelerator
    • Throughput of up to 300 Mbps

    The current asking price is: 4.99 a month

    Please leave a comment / reply with any feedback, do you think the pricing is reasonable? etc

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    So I have to believe you are from Sony?

    Well anyways. 300Mb/s is bull! Most connections (76% of all PSN connected PS3's) are trough Wifi... only 23% of the Wifi is N. (which could theoretically reach near the 300Mb/s). So that sums up to not so much people that are connected with Wifi are able to get even close to 300Mb/s. Cable people do have a chance however IF they have Full duplex.

    Then there is also the limit of your service provider which (talking for the netherlands here) do not offer more then 50 Mb/s max when I already pay 60 bucks a month.

    So to make a long story short: who the hell cares? And who is gonna use 300Mb/s to download something through PSN? Or am I totally missing the point here?

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Just to prevent confusion; I am not an employee of Sony, but a developer of the PlayStation Download Manager which was originally written in 2010 for people with connection issues.

    300 Mbps is the maximum a client can receive from our proposed network, we're practically going to use a Content Acceleration Network (CAN) based on our Playstation Download Manager to provide for example:

    A client from France has a 50 Mb/s fibre-optic connection with ethernet to his PS3, however he can only get around 20 Mb/s to his console (PSN is the limiting factor); with our service, he would have the full 50 Mb/s usable.

    In reality nobody will likely use 300 Mbps, it's just a large number to through about because that is the capacity of what we can deliver.

    If you'd like to test our theory about PSN speeds being restricted; start a download of around 100MB and record the time it took to download, you'll get a rough idea in Mb/s from this. You'll most likely see it didn't reach above 50% of your broadband speed.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    I was actually curious how fast I could download something. So I go to the PSN store and re-downloaded the Cerberus Pack from Mass Effect 2. It is about 384 Mb. I also set a timer and the result wasn't that bad?!

    384 Mb in 1 Minute and 24 Seconds. So that would mean if I roughly take it then i would get 150 Mb/minute (give or take).
    I am on a Cable line with a max of 50 Mb/s (which we are also guaranteed to get, or else we can get our money back).

    So if I had your package I would have to wait about 10 seconds? (If my ISP gives the full 50Mb/s and you provide the 300Mb/s)

    I think for me this is not really that necessary. Because the speed is fast enough, but for people that have connection issues it might be their savior! Do you also support PSN gaming trough your service? Or is it just for downloading?

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    384MB in:

    1 Minute and 24 Seconds = 34.1 Mbps
    1 Minute and 0 Seconds = 50 Mbps
    0 Minute and 15 Seconds = 200 Mbps [The fastest in the UK, from Virgin Media Cable - Coming Soon.]
    0 Minute and 10 Seconds = 300 Mbps

    With our service it would be a gain of 15 Mbps for your connection, which would be 24 seconds faster; not really a benefit unless you'd be downloading 1GB or more.

    It will also route some PSN gaming traffic for games such as Call Of Duty, however we're still working on the optimized DNS for gamers.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    First of all, isn't it called SEN now and not PSN even more?

    I have DSL 16K here, which provides me 1,6 MB/s downstream as maximum. There are cities around here, where people can have DSL 100K, which provides 12,5 MB/s downstream. This is the maximum in Germany for normal users. When I was in Poland, I saw an advertisement about an ISP there which provides DSL 350K and that for only 22,90€ per month.

    I only download with roundabout 200 KB/s from PSN (earlier) via WLan, maybe it's because of the bad WLan adapter Wi-Fi 802.11b/g (Marvell 88W8580 - which is also the Bluetooth 2.0. adapter - and can't be running at the same time, so they run at a very fast frequency using time division multiplexing to make it possible. That's how it works on early models, up to CHECHL.) or just because of the servers here in Germany.

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    niwakun Guest
    I can download as fast as 7mbyte/sec on a single pipe connection on international servers. Using FTTH 1GB. Since Sony servers are run here locally, I usually got 700mbit speed or around 25mbyte/sec download using my PS3 alone without proxy things.

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    With speeds up to 300mbps they should start making games streamable instead of downloading and installing them (of course as an option). We can already stream full hd and surround sound with our currently technology. So the only benefit I can see is downloading games. On the other hand, maybe this is a step from Sony to host all ps title. Even ones like ff13 which is 40gb!

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    This would be a good promotion advertisement for the PlayStation 4.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    My thoughts are that they should have provided that new feature for free. We were stipped of OtherOS, PS2 backwards with for free, but how many things have we received for free as the loyal customers? Only some stupid social media integrations and other BS that nobody uses.

    They should have made PS+ and this CAP for free to existing users and market (advertise) it to win the competition, but they only seek to fill their pockets with $$$ the easiest way.

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