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  1. #21
    SwordOfWar Guest
    horray for more pay-only improvements to PSN. It's slowly turning into a paid service, basically.

  2. #22
    inginear Guest
    everything related to gaming is slowly turning into micro-transactions or subscription fees. what happened to the days of providing a solid service without "nickle and dimeing" the customers?

  3. #23
    Ni72ous Guest
    I will try, 2503A

  4. #24
    gfour Guest
    let me test it pls, 2504A

  5. #25
    knight0fdragon Guest
    Now all we need is someone to make a p2p client and this "cloud" service will end up being more trouble then its worth. As for match making issues I cant see this service adding any improvements since you still need to go thru sony's service anyway, so its just another stop along the route that will add latency unless you can afford server farms from aroynd the world, and being unofficial, you will be tapping into less then %1 of Sony's market, followed by a cease and desist notice from them because you are somehow taking quality service away from them.

  6. #26
    muj12345 Guest
    I want to become a beta test my serial: 2503A

    Make a partnership with Virgin Media broadband and make it free for Virgin Media broadband customers.

  7. #27
    barrybarryk Guest
    Um yeah he's not going to be making a deal with anyone, if Sony notices what he's doing he'll be shut down if he's lucky, here in the UK where he's based, what he is doing is "unauthorised access" to a closed network, he'll easily get jail time for it if they press charges.

  8. #28
    muj12345 Guest
    Don't tell Sony about it I want to test it.

  9. #29
    SanctumSlayer Guest
    A couple things I don't understand. Who are you associated with Jordandykes? Is this a non-official or official BETA? Why would we risk giving out MAC addresses if it's non-official? You could just be some random hacker.

  10. #30
    barrybarryk Guest
    pixolia solutions limited is the name of the company he set up for himself, google it and his site will be in the top few results. I'd severely doubt he's affiliated with anyone what with his plan on selling access to someone else's content on someone else's network.

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