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Thread: PlayStation Sony Entertainment Network Cloud Acceleration Platform (PSEN-CAP)

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    Jordandyckes Guest
    Hi Tidusnake666,

    "CAP for free to existing users and market (advertise) it to win the competition, but they only seek to fill their pockets with $$$ the easiest way. "

    The Cloud Acceleration Platform isn't owned by Sony, if you research the 'Playstation Download Manager' you'll see it's a homebrew proxy / caching gateway with multi-segmented support; as the developer I realised the limitation and have been devising a method to enhance speed for those on FTTx or existing users of my software so their downloads won't require an active PC.

    A beta may be launched very soon, but I'll keep anyone updated on that; still working on improving the DNS which seems to have an impact on matchmaking in most PS3 Games.

    I too wish for OtherOS, and my PS2 games to work again but unfortunately my 60GB died around a year ago

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    Jordandyckes Guest

    PSEN-CAP BETA Open, Now Seeking Free Usage Tester Applicants

    Following up on my PSEN-CAP initial announcement, today we are rolling out the PlayStation Sony Entertainment Network Cloud Acceleration Platform BETA for those interested in testing it out!

    Below is the official Press Release, as follows: Hello Members of the Community,

    Today marks a revolution into next generation performance of your home broadband connection, no longer will you need to suffer intolerable slow speeds from the PlayStation Network, Matchmaking issues and NAT related problems.

    What is PSEN-CAP? PlayStation | Sony Entertainment Network - Cloud Acceleration Platform.

    It's a service which provides a multitude of additional features including the following:
    • Turbo Charged Downloads with a speeds up to 300 Mbps.
    • Dedicated DNS for gaming / with improved matchmaking.
    • Free remote desktop to assist with NAT, Port Forwarding and Internet Optimisation.

    What are the usage restrictions?
    • 20GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Only works for PlayStation Products (2007+)

    How much will this cost?

    We're aiming to keep the costing minimal, and it should be around 3.49 a month.

    Back to the Beta... We need people to use our service for an entire month, for free! in return you'll need to provide some feedback, so we know it's working ok.

    How many spaces are available in total? 100

    The first 100 requests in this thread will be accepted, so just post with your PlayStation MAC address (verification) and we'll send you a PM with the details. Beta will start on the 1st March 2012.

    Now please stop reading and get your PlayStation MAC address (located in system settings / information) ASAP

    Note: Don't post your full MAC Addresses, we'll ask for them when we PM you. - This is for security reasons, you don't want everyone seeing your MAC Address. For verification just post the last 5 characters of your serial, for example: 2103A (located in system settings / information)

    Beta Members will get the service for free during the testing period, you'll be offered a discounted value for the first month of official launch.

    [imglink=|PSEN-CAP BETA Open, Now Seeking Free Usage Tester Applicants][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ps3hen Guest
    Okay, lets see where this goes. CHL02

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    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted the news to the main page and +Rep to Jordandyckes for sharing it as well!

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    popshopadop Guest
    i would like to join the beta testing

    the serial is on the back of the ps3 not on the system settings menu. the mac address is there but idk if you meant that

    my ofw ps3 is: 80652
    my cfw ps3 is: 78257

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    albertcolo Guest
    i would like to join the beta testing too.

    My five last digits are 6624E on a cfw 3.55 waninkoko v2.


    Sorry to post again but is this valid for a cfw?

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    liveintokyo Guest
    Why not try it out,

    Ps3 Mac address : 458A1
    PsV Mac address : 9ACEC

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    elser1 Guest
    good idea. at first i thought it was a sony idea, perhaps building on the cloud for saves etc plus gives you.. oh well good work anyways.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    And what exactly is stopping you from just sniffing the traffic everyone will be sending through your network and just disappearing with everyone's creds or someone else breaching your network and doing it?

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    CYGNUX Guest
    I want to join, my PS3 MAC is: 944A9.

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