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    PlayStation 3 Service Mode JIG Set-Up Files Leaked!

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    Recently some PS3 Service Mode JIG set-up files have been leaked, and we're told by someone close that the actual source of the leak is infact the leaker who goes by the nickname of hackerpointer. Apparently he is the same source of THIS leaked screenshot back in November of last year.

    In any case, those who want to grab them can do so below, however, don't expect it to lead anywhere (remember: they are "old" files to PS3 Devs, meaning this is indeed "old news" just new to the general public).

    Download: PS3 Service Mode JIG Set-Up Files / Mirror #1 / Mirror #2 / Mirror #3

    As it's already making it's rounds on the Internet, we hesitantly decided to post on it... even though those who can actually utilize the files (and attempt to replicate the required hardware) have had them for quite some time.

    Here is some background on what the included files are for those new to the PS3 Dev world...

    Lv2diag.self: crashes on a Debug console, likely used for lv2 diagnostics.

    PS3UPDAT.PUP: a very tiny updater PUP, enough for just a 'base' system. It doesn't run on any system the resident PS3 Devs currently have access to.

    UPDATER_LOG.TXT: simply a service mode updater log.

    That being said, in general such leaks are frowned upon as they put the source in jeopardy... however, since the source happens to be the leaker in this case there isn't much that can be done unfortunately. If they choose to leak such files taking any associated risk, that is their own perogative... even though it defies rational logic, unless the leaker removed all traces/watermarks of course. ;)

    Feel free to discuss the files below, but without the hardware, additional files with complete documentation, and the required software this leak is deemed as no legitimate use to date.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    what kind of hardware is used?

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    A special USB Dongle known as the Jig... check some of CJPC's past Dev posts for more details such as this one:


    They are all located in the "PlayStation 3 News Discussions" block in the right margin on the main page.

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    This could be a way of Restoring my Bricked PS3?? Willing to try some work on it in order to see if it will work?


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    Interesting to note is that this pup has the same image version as it's retail counterpart.

    @footylad, no this is currently useless and an unfortunate public release before its time.

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    Ok so now we have the files, that's great, so we should be able to make our own JIG or we still need something 3rd party?

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    From what I can understand this really doesnt matter, right? As those who really can do something with it already had it. Indeed, hope it is useful for someone.

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    Correct, the only reason we felt obligated to post on it was because some non-English lamer sites were... and obviously word would spread here eventually so better to just post the leak and move on. For now we're just keeping people up to date with what is happening... leaks included.

    Nothing can be done with them yet, even by the scene's most talented/skilled people... if such a time ever comes, I'm sure it'll be posted in the Site News though.

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    Found DEX.exe http://www.bonusdata.ch/Download/DEX...cs_english.htm
    but its uses serial port and audio type jack.

    How the heck have you wired ur pc to the PS3 that's what I need to know
    (Dex.exe has no TCP/IP or network option that i've seen)

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    Ya that just the same file name I'm sure, not the Sony one. At least you tried, eh?


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