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    Sep 2008
    Great work man! Keep working )

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    Mar 2008
    very nice,

    i think the end of this reseach is near
    go head with your great work.

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    Mar 2006
    Real nice job on finding this stuff out. Really interesting!

    Little by little the devs keep learning more about the ps3. i believe itīs only a matter of time before the devs have enough knowledge of the system to be able to circumvent some of the security. Hopefully anyway.

    Keep up the good work.

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    Interesting indeed. Thanks for the update. This give me a hope and to to sell my PS3.

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    great Job, Keep up the good work

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    Mar 2008
    Great stuff. Love to read about your guys' progress!!! keep it up

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    Wow, interesting news. It still amazes me to hear that Sony's beast is still not finally hacked though!

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    Info like this is why I love You guys work very hard and I am always looking forward to your next update. Very interesting stuff!!!

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    May 2006
    So next step is to try and change one unit to another mode. Any light on the subject of what can be done after the change?

    Sorry if it's an obvious question, but, I know in the past some dev usints do have background things you can never get on a retail unit even when hardware is similar.

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    Great news indeed Props to the dev team!

    Looks like hacking the ps3 is being a real pain in every sense. Keep up the good work guys, cheers

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