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Thread: PlayStation 3 NID Attack Tool Released!

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    PlayStation 3 NID Attack Tool Released!

    Recently xorloser has released a PS3 NID Attack Tool for other PS3 Devs. To quote:

    NidAttack was a tool created to work out PRX export/import names by dictionary attack. A PRX file is a DLL file for Playstation consoles; (Playstation Relocatable eXecutable ... maybe)

    NidAttack was initially created by others to work out PSP export/import names and I have just altered it slightly to also calculate PS3 names.

    Included is an xml database of all exports from PRX files found in the PS3 v2.30 system flash. Also present is a file with NIDs for just the unknown names, so these are the ones to use NidAttack on.

    Download: PS3 NID Attack Tool / PS3NidAttack.rar (Mirror)

    From the included ReadMe file:

    hashes.txt - This is the list of hashes from ps3.xml that are currently unknown.

    nidattack.xex - This is the nidattack tool from the PSP section of the svn. I just added some little changes to make it work for PS3 NIDs.

    ps3.xml - This is the database of all PS3 SPRX exports from the PS3 v2.30 system flash. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    what does this really do? can anyone explain in lamens terms?

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    RexVF5 Guest
    I'll try. AFAIU it aims to provide readable list of exports from those libraries residing in a flash. The libraries are not monolithic - instead they provide set of various functions that other programs (i.e. XMB, games, PlayTV, etc.) may use. So for example there are functions for working with memory (allocation, deallocation), C library (standard functions widely used), various audio formats decoders (I see AC3 and ATRAC there), video codecs support (AVC), etc. This information can be extremely useful once the clever people find a way to run their (unsigned) code - that code will need those functions to do some useful stuff... Is it clear?

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    Shrink Guest
    Well.. At least I got it now. Thanks!

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Yeah thats pretty good. Thanks for that

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    mattfish Guest
    Thanks for the explanation rexvf5. Much appreciated.

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    puppero Guest
    Just a little question: If it is possible to read NIDs it means that at least the PRX/ELF headers are not encrypted. Anyone knows if they are still digitally signed. If not it could be possible to swap the export ID of different functions and somehow change the code path of signed code.

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    UserXY Guest
    pretty nice, thank you very much

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    wicked insanity Guest
    Is it just me or how the hell do we run this then?? (Not the best of English use I know but, it'll do)

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    Apr 2005
    That idiot Pirate at quax has now STOLEN this news, posting it on his site including the very screenshot I took. It's due to LAMERS like them that force us to watermark all of our PS3 Dev pictures.

    If anyone is at quax, please inform them to stop STEALING our news without proper credit back to us as the SOURCE, and to use their own pictures or I will be contacting their host HostDime and domain registrar GoDaddy.

    This theft upsets not only myself, but ALL of the legitimate PS3 Devs here and slows down progress... it's bad enough their clueless lamers (StreetSkaterFU, RichDevX, etc) are constantly bugging our Devs on IRC, but this is happening far too often to ignore. For over a year now it's crystal clear quax has no real Devs of their own, so all they can do is steal our news and files- pathetic indeed!

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