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Thread: PlayStation 3 Flow Rebuilder 3.50 with ECC Gen Released!

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    NDT Guest

    PlayStation 3 Flow Rebuilder 3.50 with ECC Gen Released!

    Since today all the owners of a PS3 with infectus could begin to experiment with the firmware patching. :)

    Please share ideas questions and feedbacks in this thread comments, it would be appreciated.

    Download: PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v3.50 BETA / PS3 NAND Flow Rebuilder v4.1.3.2


    From ReadMe: PS3 NAND FLOW REBUILDER v3.50 (including ECC Algo by RPS).

    This tool allows to unscramble the blocks of a PS3 dumps ordering them in a way that the dumps become readable and extractable!

    It also allow you to re-scramble back to the original order once you modified the data you wants, then from now on it include the ECC recalculation algorithm that was private until today.

    It's for study and tests purposes, for experienced people only (devs) that this way can manage the files inside the flashes and patch sensible areas.

    In this updated version you'll find some good news:

    1) You can now re-scramble back a modified dump in order to flash it in your console (ECC regeneration is now included).

    2) Analyzer has some more informations (it's still alpha, i use it for debug, it's complete only for versions 2.40/2.41).

    3) It automatically extract EID file in its own modules.

    4) It show the (eventual) differences between the 2 bootloaders files

    5) Save Console Attributes log file in the Log dump folder.

    6) Support the 80 Gb Nand Dump extraction for study purpose (nand model is different and is one chip only).



    First of all select if you want to unscramble or re-scramble your dump.

    The first option is the first you have to use, it unscramble your flashes and interleave them in order to obtain a readable and extractable dump.

    Once you modified the unscrambled dump (you can swap files or change some data) the second one allow you to deinterleave the flashes rescrambling them as the original ones are (otherwise dump won't work).


    Our very own Courier dumped a 80Gb Flash yet! It's completly different from a 40/60 Gb dump, it's already interleaved.

    With this option you can extracte the kernel files from this kind of dumps.


    "Flash 0" (TOP): Is the flash0 dump file, warning, many USA dumps use the way around names, so if your dump is USA you should try to load Flash1 here instead.

    "Flash 1" (BOTTOM): Is the flash1 dump file, warning, many USA dumps use the way around names, so if your dump is USA you should try to load Flash0 here instead.

    OUTPUT (INTERLEAVED) file: It's the interleaved file that the tool produce using the UNSCRAMBLE option.

    INPUT (INTERLEAVED) file: It's the modified interleaved file from witch the tool rebuild the new flashes (0/1) that you need reflash on PS3.

    - ANALYZER -

    It's the option that add to the log what's contained in the flashes blocks, the info is in this format:

    0000000000. | 00000000. ==> File-System Root

    On the Left there is the OOB block unique data, on the right (after the ==>) there is the analysis, so what the block contains.

    It's fully working only for dump versions 2.40/2.41 and it's very slow, it's an alpha debug option.


    Using the Option "Re-scramble modified dump then de-interleave it into two new flashes." you can enable this flag, so the new modified and rescrambled flashes will have ECC fixed (thanks to RPS for the Algo).


    This option shouldn't be checked unless you know what you're doing!

    PS3 don't expect the ECC of a bad block to be good, it's safer to keep it as it is.


    Bushing is working on a feature for Amoxiflash (a tool to flash nands fo Wii, XBOX360 and PS3) that will allow you to flash only the differences from the original flash file.

    This will allow you to save time while trying some ps3 hacks attempts :-)


    This tool need the .net framework 2.0 in order to work: most computers should have it installed yet, by the way here is the link in case you wonder where to get it:


    ECC calculation (Algo by our very own RPS *you mate rocks!* ), is included in the tool this time, have fun pathing your firmware.

    Stand-Alone tool (PS3NANDECC v1.30) was included in order to be used separately if you wish; The Algorithm is the same for Debug and Retail consoles.

    ###BEWARE: you need the external power addition to your Infectus mod in order to use it! Otherwise it's to risky, if you patch something bad your console won't boot anymore.###


    I'd like to greet all the ppl that helped me in this work: ggparallel, RPS, Ein, CJPC, Courier and all the staff :-)

    NDT More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    Very nice work NDT and RPS!

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    moneyslap03 Guest
    okay, now will they be working with retail ps3's and people with no infectus?

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    Starlight Guest

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    Nice job on this indeed guys, and very much appreicated also.. keep up the great work.

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by moneyslap03 View Post
    okay, now will they be working with retail ps3's and people with no infectus?
    His flow re-builder is primarily for Retail PS3's, and it also does work with Debug Units.

    As for not needing an Infectus, at the moment that's impossible. The only way to access the hardware is physically, hense the need for the Infectus, or some other method, like pulling the flash chips from the PS3, and dumping them into a $$$ reader.

    Nothing personal, but the SEARCH is your friend, this has been answered many times before, in the NEWBIE section. I'd check it out if I were you.

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    flurix Guest
    Great work NDT. Can't wait to see what comes of the HDD project.

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    triple7 Guest
    Awesome work NDT!

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    xandura Guest
    AWESOME news guys!!!

    any soldering place for PCs should be able to install infectus to a PS3 right?

    thx a lot!!

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest
    My heartiest congratulations to NDT for making this breakthrough ... I would have loved to try out this program, but I don't have an Infectus .. I have a few questions though ... NDT, assuming this program works some serious miracles, should we look out for some custom PS3 firmwares on the horizon ?? ... Secondly, would there be some way in the future to use the hack without having an Infectus ??

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    Takavach Guest

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    nice job ndt.


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