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    A quick question: would this allow flashing TEST firmware into RETAIL units?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hacked2123 View Post
    Hey, with this news I'll be writing up a guide for US/NTSC user to install/use the Infectus mod chip on the PS3 properly. This method is now refined and perfect so ALL people who properly install an Infectus (that means no bridging) will get 100% proper dumps on the first try and 100% proper writes as well.
    Thanks hack2123.

    To the developers spending their time in the trenches, appreciate the hard work. Talk to you soon.

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    i think i can answer you. some of file have ecc, and this means if you change any things it didn't work.

    when dev can edit it manually, it means dev can edit firmware into ps3 flash and run it, and if retail ps3 need to edited like debug flash dev team can do it.

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