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Thread: PlayStation 3 Flash ECC Algorithm Reversed!!

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    triple7 Guest
    It seems as if the mighty PS3 protective armor is finally starting to crack thanks to the very talented PS3 News dev team...

    Excellent work guys!

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    Takavach Guest
    excellent and good work dev team .


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    Bakke Guest
    This is great news, ultimate seriously!

    Finding the location of such encryption keys is really good progress. Good job DEV guys, you're the best

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    All sounds good guys, keep it going.

    On a slight tangent... Isn't it about time $ony leaked some info to allow homebrew/cfw? (homebrew = more interest = drive sales = $$$!)
    They've openly stated that the homebrew scene on the PSP was a big factor in hardware sales, I can't help thinking they would like to break even on the PS3! (even if they try to subsequently patch any security holes! - notice TRY! hahaha)

    Anyway keep it up, can't wait to hear more.

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    ArtVandelae Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by parkerparker View Post
    he speaks of encrypted keys are stored...???
    It would be nice if that was a typo and he meant encryption keys but in all likelihood the keys are signed and encrypted too. What would be interesting is if you could use this to ECC correct and insert a debug keyvault into a retail unit after installing the debug firmware using the HD swap method.

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    Edmarts Guest
    excellent, good work dev team.

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    flurix Guest
    Awesome news guys. I'm guessing RPS just chimed in with a very quick "hmm, its done." sometime last night? Great work for all parties involved, including gg and courier for their tireless nights of thinking and testing. My new heater comes in later this week so I can run some tests while courier rests.

    On a side note, "hybrid" firmware has been available for some time now, it just hasn't been very useful. Hopefully some new tests can be run to examine the usefulness of the "hybrids" now. This news, in no way, shape, or form, means a CFW is coming anytime soon. Unless of course someone/group is that far ahead of everyone else.

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    Apr 2005

    Thumbs Down More StreetSkaterFU/ICE Rubbish

    I don't know why StreetSkaterFU (see HERE and the linked posts for his long history of PS3 BS scams, no need to waste time reposting them all again) continues posting this junk, when it only slows down legitimate PS3 Development as we have to constantly stop and re-prove to the world Skater/ICE/quax are yet again clueless. Their latest BS reads:
    PS3 Retail RAM Dumps! (Partial)

    StreetSkaterFU has managed to partly dump the PS3 RAM on a RETAIL PS3 machine, which could possibly reveal private keys, certs etc.. Below SKFU has provided screenshots of the dumps on various conditions:

    Dump #1: XAI is a folder on NAND's (dev_flash0\vsh\resource\xai)
    Dump #2: Database HDD Log ?!
    Dump #3: Possible XMB Bootable
    Dump #4: Inserted audio disc in BD Drive
    Dump #5: Cached avatar of PSN friend

    Great work! SKFU told us that he will continue analyzing the dumps and will work on getting a complete RAM dump.
    The reason it's labeled "Partial" is because it's bunk, just like everything else from Skater/ICE/quax as they try to con people into believing they made 'progress' when it's not at all, and will never amount to anything beyond Internet hype.

    PS3 Memory Dumps have been done since 231 days ago, so absolutely nothing new to the resident PS3 Devs. As we all know StreetSkaterFU isn't a Dev at all (just a kid), so this is yet again an attempt (#6 or #7 now ) to distract/divert/smokescreen attention from all the REAL progress being made here and drive traffic to the quax page.

    That being said, please continue to ignore these clueless tools. They may be able to mislead quax users, but definitely not those here nor any legitimate PS3 Devs. The only reason I waste my time ranting about them at all is so people here are aware of their lameass antics and our stance on doing our best to continue ignoring them.

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    xxLindenxx Guest


    this is great news, keep it up!

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    zaror1992 Guest
    Great news, we should go celebrate it!!!

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