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    Apr 2005
    It ended up selling for $8,200... not bad, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    It ended up selling for $8,200... not bad, eh?
    Hehe.. yikes.. that is still not that cheap.. lol..

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    haly20 Guest
    Not bad at all!

    If anyone wishes to be notified of further dev kits for sale, shoot me an email from my profile and ill notify you if i get any more.

    Thanks all!

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    Warrorar Guest
    who got that console?

    i hope someone who is willing to share the informations he gets.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    It will be interesting to see who's got the tool. Hopefully not someone who wants it for the "collection/cool" factor.

    One thing i did notice is that the buyer is new to eBay and has 0 feedback, which isnt a bad thing, if they pay, but that also means, no one knows who it is.... until they say, or dont rather.

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    gizzio Guest
    well hopefull we may see the uncrackable PS3 hacked now

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    ScarFace123 Guest
    if the user had 0 feedback, it could be possible someone at sony registered at ebay for the sole purpose of obtaining it.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    While it's possible, i really doubt it, it's more Sony's style to chase up where the tool came from. And probably ask eBay to remove it (even though it's legal, eBay would definately remove it, and give some bs lie about some made up policy, happens all the time. Ebay also have the right to remove the listing as a violation at the manufacturer's/companies request, no idea why.

    So i think, if Sony were much bothered, they would have not let the bidding happen.

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