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Thread: Playing PS2 Games on PS3

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    mattdrumgod Guest
    I'm fairly sure that the 60gb had the actual chip inside of it running all ps2 backups and the older (motorstorm bundle) 80gb has the software in it running almost all ps2 games. There is also a 20gb console that runs ps2 games through emulation...I think...

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    pablito85 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MilyardoX2 View Post
    I'm 99% sure that the 40 gig is not PS2 backwards compatible and will not be. It is because or hardware issues not software.
    You are absolutely right! the problem is hardware

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    Reflecter Guest
    No PS2 Support on the newer PS3. Means 40 GB 80 GB.

    MFG Reflecter

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    Raddi Guest
    I've heard that a new ps3 80GB (without backward compability) bundle with an emulator for ps2 games comes out..
    do you think the emu will run on the 40 gig?

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    tigga1369 Guest
    only one thing to say.. I am glad I lucked out and got the 60GB... with my huge collection of ps2 games i would be out alot... unless i buy another tv to hook up my old ps2.. hehe

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    Transient Guest
    PS2 support (model number in brackets):

    20 GB (CECHBxx): Hardware (Emotion Engine)
    40 GB (CECHGxx, CECHHxx): No
    60 GB (CECHAxx): Hardware (Emotion Engine)
    60 GB (CECHCxx): Software (emulation)
    80 GB (CECHExx): Software (emulation)
    80 GB (CECHKxx): No
    160 GB (CECHPxx): No

    So to answer the original question, no the 40 GB model does not include PS2 compatibility and no you can't install it. It's not a separate piece of software like a game that you can load onto your PS3. You either have it or you don't.

    Wikipedia includes a nice matrix which shows all the features of every model (which is where I got the above info).

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    hornetsfan16 Guest
    I have one of the original ps3 consoles with the 60gb hard drive however im fairly sure that it is a Hong Kong model so I get region code errors when I try playing my australian ps2 games or american ps1 games... i still have my chipped ps2 connected so they can still play on there, however it would be more convenient if i could just play them on my ps3... is there any way i can play ps2/ps1 games from other regions on my HK ps3?


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    BrenoFerreira Guest
    The Playstation3 allow playing games ps1?

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    ebrahem Guest
    i have a 40gb ps3... i hope there is a way to get it hacked to run ps2 games, but i heard that there is a way to hack the 40gb to run ps2 games through hardware but it could effect the ps3 in some stuff...

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    leonidas26 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BrenoFerreira View Post
    The Playstation3 allow playing games ps1?
    Yes, all models of the ps3 plat ps1 games.

    there´s no way to play ps2 games on the 40gb at the moment. there´s rumors that Sony is going to release an emulator at some point. That´s the only way it will work. Unless the ps3 is hacked(to run unsigned code) and then somebody codes a ps2 emulator.

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