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    Playing a m2ts file with TrueHD audio via AVCHD?

    A newbie so please apologise if this is the wrong forum for this.

    I have been backing up some of my BD's and would love to retain the TrueHD audio track. Up till now I have been using a Popcorn Hour to play them but my version doesnt support HDMI 1.3 (the A110 does) so it cannot play a file with TrueHD audio.

    Now the PS3 can of course and it occurred to me if I authored a m2ts with TrueHD audio and burnt the files in AVCHD format, the PS3 should be able to play it since it' s not using the XMB to do playback.

    Well it doesn't appear to and not sure if it's a limitation or a defect in my process

    The AVCHD folder containing the m2ts file with TrueHD audio shows up fine (the PS3 recognises as a AVCHD and plays using the BD player, not XMB) and if the Output Audio is set to Optical, playing the video gives me a DD audio track. If howeer the Output Audio is set to HDMI, pressing triangle during playback shows no audio at all.

    Just wondering if I am doing something wrong or is there some limitation in how audio is played using AVCHD burnt to DVD?


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    i too would like to know this also mate, im sick of compatibility issues, wrong file types, unsupported file etc.

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    How are you making these? With tsMuxer I assume? If not, you should be. What you could try doing, is trimming the clip to like... 5 seconds long, and transfer that file (in m2ts) to your PS3, and see what happens.

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