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Thread: Play PS3 Backup Games via DVD-R on a JailBroken PlayStation 3!

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    Warrorar Guest
    for everyone as information. lg sells a blue ray burner for 90euro ~ 110dollar.

    i bought it and its awsome. 10x blueray, also suportst dvd all formats and also DVD-RAM. nice burner and for the price its awsome can't wait to get my first blue ray disc package and wait for the guide how to burn real ps3 images

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    Cilow Guest
    it is still BLU-Ray and not BLUE Ray

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    namdlo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Cilow View Post
    it is still BLU-Ray and not BLUE Ray
    It's "blu-ray" but it uses a blue laser

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    patholi Guest
    seems to be fake (though i could be wrong)... well, actually i don't get it: first, everybody said, you need a legit game disc in your ps3-drive to use backup manager.

    if that's true, you can't really use a burned disc, in order to play...

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    jamal94 Guest
    guys use the rdx_manager and it will work fine, because it will boot the game without going back to the xmb, sure you should have a decrypted backup game disc using the rdx_manager or the original one.

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    revo75 Guest
    I'm sorry but I have just gone through more than 9 dvd-rs between two different games. I have tried EVERYTHING. One disc is not read by Backup Manager and the others all give the EBOOT.BIN read error.

    I have tried various file system formats: 1.02, 1.50, 2.50 and finally 2.60. All result in the same issues. This is between two different games. I have also tried different folder structures i.e. /Title ID/ Content, /Content, /Gamez/Content, and Gamez/Title ID/Content, those tests were done with UDF 2.50.

    I don't know what to make of this. Judging by the evidence it seems that only three people (3!) out of the thousands upon thousands of visitors spanning various ps3 hack related news sites are able to "supposedly" confirm.

    Now I don't mind doing the testing we are in a new frontier but just looking at the evidence there have been no reputable sources confirming, and no videos either.

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    Jes03 Guest
    I tried Ninja Gaiden 2 and it didn't work.

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    DMagic1 Guest
    Is this RDX Manager suppose to work differently from the other managers?

    So it loads games right from the menu?

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    caleb4god Guest
    this does not work. you can do the same thing by usin a dvd video to launch backup manager. mount your choice of ps3 game and check the video section... it's all the files of the game you mounted. callin shenanigans on this one... nice try tho. good thing i only wasted one dvd-r that i didn't pay for.

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    bennyvo Guest
    Its seem to be fake.

    1. When he post about dvd-r backup work, he never mention rdx_manager.
    2. He never show clearly how to burn the dvd eg.. set it to udf 2.50 or iso + UDF etc...
    3. many people attempt and fail.
    4. if its possible why backup manager dont have this feature already.
    5. Backup manager require 1 original game work.

    Too many suspicious and only himself and one other claim to have it working and no one else. Don't waste your dvd-r just yet people.

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