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Thread: Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 EUR in English on PlayStation 3!

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    farenheit Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mbb View Post
    For the scene freaks (Like me)

    Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2011.EUR.JB.PS3-MRN (1hr ago)

    English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
    It's the same as the previous EUR release but with the added english commentary and language. Thanks for the update tho

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    p2thareek Guest
    What one is better Fifa or PES?

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    bl0wme Guest
    definintely fifa, you can't compare the two..

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    dnqhung Guest
    thank you very much, looking forward it for a long time.

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    farenheit Guest
    Latest available patch by todinho is available here:
    Guys I made some alterations in pes2011 PS3 and released the all american clubs to play in friendlies and masterliga and inserted kits for the teams with uniforms and fake symbols too. Now this patch has the adidas jabulany and new icons in the menu

    3 links

    part1 470MB
    part2 270 MB
    part3 5MB

    This version of the patch to fix some fonts and I did some transfers of players like ibra ,robinho in milan , ozil ,khedira in real and others

    Installation instructions:

    Open filezilla and open the game folder on your PS3, in my case it is BLES01022 folder inside the folder GAMEZ.
    After opening the game folder you must send over the two files (and dt0c dt04) to the folder:

    The you are ready to play with the teams with uniforms updated and jabulany.


    excuse me for poor english.

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    marc2590 Guest
    Thanks for the info. really appreciate it!

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    cincity Guest
    farenheit i need your help man , i bought pes 2011 from france but am not french and i found it has no english language or commentry only eu languages ok, and my ps3 is not jailbroken + i don't have blueray on my computer only dvd/cdr.

    i don't know how to add your patches on the cd i really lost on this one and i need your help farenheit if you can explain and help me or explain here what to do i`m so lost man, i`d appreciate for your help

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    zaman2cool Guest


    link is not available.. can someone make it work... thanks

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