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    TUHTA Guest

    Wink Play NEWEST games that requires 3.21/3.30 on 3.15

    Do not want to update to 3.21/3.30 to play: http://demonhades.org/blog/nuevos-ju...on-3-15bypass/

    - Red Dead Redention
    - Prince of persia forgotten sand
    - modnations racers

    Watch this (sorry for bad translation i just used google)

    I open this thread to discuss what new games / update current required to operate, as we all know after the boom of geohype and 3.15 fw update many have left to keep the linux .. but with the consequence of leaving some unused services as the psn or play new games that require new fw, as is the case of Red Dead Redention asking us than 3.15.

    Now comes the question, there is a solution to pass this check? Osea play new games without upgrading .. and I will answer ... YES.

    the issue of verification and identification of the version is collected in the PARAM.SFO .. is who requires the version that we must have the "System Version" and "Image Version."

    Ps3 games in a series of procedures in stages, these stages are between the disc and chekeos validation of some flags.

    A disk insertion procedure:
    "This case made the recognition of the disc and then searching for the TID of the game in question within the HDD if it does not exist PARAM.SFO read the BD-Drive.

    Procedure 2 Creation of TID in the HDD:

    "This procedure is occurred right after the hdd to note that there is no record with that TID, Reading Drive BD-TID and loads the PARAM.SFO, if PARAM.SFO requires us must have a type of" System Version "or better known as FW then it may take two directives:


    1) If the PARAM.SFO System Version is less than the Version System Console, then create the TID in the HDD apartir giving preference now as the hdd and start of implementation.

    2) For Directive on the contrary the System Version is superior to the System Console Version then initialize the Update Manager, which is the one who forces us to install the new update.

    We know the game as evidenced by PARAM.SFO and the TID, there is only one way we could make the change to the TID and thus changing the hdd via botear Version of Hdd System for a lower launch the policy in January, this alone could be manipulated the hdd UFS2, creating a new directory TID of the game in question... the issue would be to find if there is a database that records the directories .. that is another story but creating and manipulating the TID System Version of the param . sfo and we forget to update the new games we could play in 3.15.

    1saludo and I hope you understand or ask questions, ask the questions that tengais

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    blood911 Guest
    any progress is great!

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    PARDES Guest
    Damn... i have update yesterday. I thought there comes no way for playing, without an update. This pissed me off

    Great work DemonHades Team

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    ionbladez Guest
    I got my ps3 today, it had the "No video/audio" crap, so I took the whole thing apart and then discovered it was merely a software issue. Reset and works. I got a working PS2 compatible 80GB system for the low price of $0.00.

    don't ask how I got it for this price, but it's not stolen ;]

    anyways I got fw 3.21 on here, useless as I can't install OtherOS anyways.

    but I'll dedicate this system towards whatever means necessary until I get some money to buy a controller.

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    ahasverus Guest
    Seems he shows the way, but is it doable ?

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    lilzad Guest
    yes thanks, was looking for this.. now i can finally get red dead redemption.

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    jackpollack Guest
    This seems to be a well-reasoned work around, however it still requires an exploited machine to install and no word yet on whether it actually works.

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    Warrorar Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by lilzad View Post
    yes thanks, was looking for this.. now i can finally get red dead redemption.
    before you thank him you should find out if you are able to rebuild the trick that you can use it my friend.

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    LIL935 Guest
    I think they do it to prevent piracy, which could surface at any time but maybe not considering that still to this day the console was not fully unlocked.

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