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    drumstick Guest

    Question play bluray movies on ps3 through external hard drive

    hi guys,

    im new to this forum so if im in the wrong section can someone please let me know. ive looked around forums and i cant get any specific information. right this is what i want to do,

    i have blu ray movies on my computer, they are as .mkv files. i dont own a ps3 yet but im thinking of investing in one. the decision will be made if i can do this:

    i want to play the blu ray movie on the ps3 through an external hard drive without converting it to another format.

    is that possible, also what program will i need to use on the ps3 if it is possible.

    your help will be appreciated.

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    orfeus Guest
    you have no "bluray movies" unless each movie is about 20Gb or so... you have .mkv's "that's different", they have the same resolution(in most cases 1080p), but different "bitrate"... bluray movies, I think the format of those are .EVO and .M2TS, have a max bitrate of 30Mbps, mkvs have a bitrate of ?-11Mbps or so... (I may be wrong)

    If you wanna play it on the PS3 I think it is not possible (because of the AC3 audio) I don't know if exist any program that could RUN on the PS3 in order to play those files...

    I have some mkv files on my hard drive too, when I want to play those files I connect the PC to the LCD, and play it on the VLC, or WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER... so far i think the only way to view those files on the PS3 is converting it to another format, could be .mp4, .ts, m2ts, .mpeg.

    I succesfully converted some mkv's to .m2ts with "tsMuxeR GUI 1.8.4" (i think it is freeware) and it did a very good job, after that you could transfer those files using a usb or the PS3 MEDIA SERVER program that i downloaded from this forum, or use (what i do anytime i want to transfer files to the ps3) an IPOD, "ipod" have a very fast transfer speed than the "media server", just one warning using "tsMuxeR GUI..." you must check that the new converted file is ok before erase the original.

    I converted a week ago "Carrie" in 720p to m2ts, it went ok, so I deleted the original file and when i played on my ps3 there was no sound, that program coud do a very good job in some cases, but not in all mkvs... i dont know why...

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    Apr 2005


    Another thing you may want to take a peek at is this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-hd...isc-54945.html

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