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  1. #481
    whinis Guest
    Psn is down from 8:05 -5:00 pm PST so noone can go online.

  2. #482
    Ne0z Guest
    Ummm.. I'm on PSN with my 3.50 Slim right now. Everyone on my list that is logged in (9 people) are playing BlackOps. We may just be screwed.. hope we're not.

  3. #483
    mckarlsson Guest
    ok, but it should say for example: PSN is not available yet and not "please update your fw or something like that" or am i wrong?!

    i will test tomorrow, when the maintenance i over...

  4. #484
    Bishoff Guest
    yes also confirmed, PSN is NOT down. They have patched the current spoof payload exploits. Let's just sit tight everyone and see what our coding brothers bring us to use next

  5. #485
    zzk2001 Guest
    DUDE!! =( this sucks lol, tried to log into PSN and got " you must update FW etc etc"

    and i am using the newest payload v3 (PSN+3.50 spoof)

    Owell, i guess we seen this coming =/

  6. #486
    whinis Guest
    The website states that its down for maintenance also whenever I click the ok update thing it gives me error 80028e06 which as far as I know means can not contact server.

  7. #487
    korisenko Guest
    Try to boot without JB. It will connect nicely

  8. #488
    zzk2001 Guest
    whinis I guess your right, I kind of jumped the gun on this LOL seeing as it's only 1pm Pacific time, I'll wait till 5:30ish PM Pacific time and cross my fingers

  9. #489
    ragnar Guest
    oh well, it was fun while it lasted, here's hoping it can be spoofed again and since i can login with my account on my other ps3 they havn't banned us so that's a good thing.

    just spend $40 on coins for madden 11 as well lol oh well looks like i will be buying it if i can't get the spoof working again.

  10. #490
    mik30 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    ... the end all be all for the payload wars. Cyberskunk and myself are currently working on getting it ported over for 3.41...
    Since you already have a github repoistory it would be a good idea to check xoeo´s base in and just replace the absolute addresses with labels like PL3 does so that one payload for every firmware would be possible by just using a different preprocessor variable.

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