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Thread: PL3 Payload to Spoof PS3 Firmware Version 3.41 to 3.50 WIP

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    lombers Guest
    Slightly off topic, but is there any chance PL3 stability can be looked into whilst PSN development is going on.

    PL3 is fantastic, but the occasional crash when returning to XMB is annoying considering this doesn't seem to happen on any hermes release. Also Modnation Racers refuses to play on PL3 without randomly freezing...

    Thanks for all your work, it is very much appreciated.

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    FMAranda Guest

    Hermes V4B PSN Debug Hexes

    Here is the first Hermes V4B hex with PSN access. Let's make this thread the official for Hermes V4B PSN Hexes.

    This is for PIC18FXXXX and BeePIC.

    Special thanks to TSC.

    - wBTL and nBTL

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    DeViL303 Guest
    Thanks guys, I got my 60GB launch on FW3.15 deactivated from my account which is great as it was last living ps3 out of the 5 tied to my account. I used the pic18f file for 3.15 and it worked fine.

    I used LEDB145C0-1-iLLNESS-PL3PSN-315-default_pl-753eade44e2eb9fcf2a5-PICDEM.hex

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    R3b0rn Guest
    I think that most of the problems are almost ALWAYS about permissions.

    Cuz first time i tried the PL3 some games behaved odd and i had all kinds of issues... so i went back to Hermes.

    But now that hermes wont make any new payloads i find it kind of stupid to use it when PL3 is so much cleaner and better... according to well... a lot of ppl.

    So i decided to switch but i instantly got problems with accessing some folders wich was because of permissions not being right with the hermes payload.

    After i fixxed the permissions with that .pkg available here it actually fixxed every problem ive ever had with some games instantly.
    It even let me run some games i had troubles with before...

    So personally i would recomend really trying hard to get everything to work with PL3 and well my personal Manager choice is Multiman as you can choose how u want it to work...

    Now when i look back, i feel like Hermes and Gaia manager held me back on success with some games. In particular my favourite one F1 2010 as it now even works online for me, wich it didnt with hermes and Gaia...

    No offence to any of the creators. Their work is great in every way as they showd the way to make great things...

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    War Kid Guest
    I'm slightly confused here. I'm not a genius with hex stuff yet, but know how to modify it and all that crap (which doesn't take any knowledge at

    Anyways...I've been trying to downgrade my PS3's FW for some time now. I've modified the hex of FW v3.50 with some from v3.41, and got it to the 60% check thing, then the PS3 realizes that the update has been tampered with, and says that the data is corrupt or something or the sorts.

    With this new find, can I downgrade my PS3's FW? Or can I be able to jailbreak the PS3 while its running on FW V3.50? I'm mostly looking to enable FTP stuff again, that way I can try some things with games and other stuff. I don't need to be able to sign into PSN as I have a second console that I could just File Transfer from the jailbroken one to the other one and get the files that I modded onto that one.

    Basically, where do I put the modified hex that is posted in the original post in my 3.50 update .PUP file so I can enable jailbreak/FTP again?

    Any help guys?

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    FMAranda Guest


    This is great. Newest hexes for PIC18FXXXX and P3Free boards.

    As always, this is a iLLNESS work, so thank him.

    - PSN Access (Debugging Station 0x82) (CECH20A / CECH20B (120GB/250GB Slim)

    - DYN-001 0x09 + ECO Mod (Firmware 3.50 Spoof) 3.41 ONLY!

    - 3.50 spoof so you dont need to edit param.sfo or the metadata to get things like netflix or call of duty black ops working.

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    bl0wme Guest
    can someone compile olimex 8ghz please?

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    tjay17 Guest
    When playing online with a backup manager does it show the game you are playing or the manager?

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    Dominator7 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tjay17 View Post
    When playing online with a backup manager does it show the game you are playing or the manager?
    I believe the manager's and that's why many plp are still afraid to play online, including me!

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    FMAranda Guest

    That's depends, if you use direct boot it will show the name of the manager, but if you load it from the disc on XMB it will show the name of the game.

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