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    I don't know about you guys but I try every single pl3 hex and patch and my fat ps3 doesn't like pl3. I got moh and all other game to work with hermes and I can go on psn with all this psn patch hex. With pl3, my game sometime freeze on me and I can't get moh to work such as it can't dowload game date, always stuck at 0% forever.

    Anyone have hermes with eco patch cause then I can then run netflix and save the trouble of editing and downloading install package because of 3.50 spoof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodger010 View Post
    I can confirm that netflix is working with these on teensy 2.0. The only thing that does not work is the old shortcut containers from "smallloader". Thanks to everyone who contributes their time into these projects!
    With 60+ pages, when you say "netflix is working with these"'s a little vauge as to which one's you mean unless you attach them or put a link to the files you speak of...

    Which are you using for Netfilx?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilsperm View Post
    PL3 with 3.50 spoof is only supporting 3.41 for now, expect support for 3.15 in the next few days.
    hey i tested the and the teensy 1.0 for fw 3.15 and it works. i'm synchronizing now...

    edit: synch successful. yay.
    uh, psn also works successful. wonder how long...

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    I get online with this payload but it will not load my backups. Apps still work but no backups. Have backups been disabled on it ?

    Quote Originally Posted by backard View Post
    I get online with this payload but it will not load my backups. Apps still work but no backups. Have backups been disabled on it ?
    Sorry my payload is psfmod and i'm using mutimanager. Could it be the manager ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by caleb4god View Post
    Using the newest PL3 payload and Gaia manager, Dev, and Default hexes work great. Online is available and FW is spoofed to 3.5. When i use nounauth tho it breaks a bunch of my games installed on my HDD that work with the other two payloads (eboot.bin not found error when loading or when it loads the game goes black screen). any advantages to using nonauth over dev or default?
    i'm speaking strictly in terms of hidden settings for PSN. Is one safer than the others? I'm using default right now

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    hm, i'm right now testing naughty bear on fw 3.15 with the psn pl3 and it works in multiman. i have no issues so far.

    edit: thx everybody who contributes to the scene. i have never thought we could get online again without any cfw. this is freaky...

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    Has anyone managed to compile a mHEX for the PS3break v1.2?

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    why don't you use the official hexes from ps3break?

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    you can get netflix to work with every pl3 eco+psn hex. eco is for spoofing and psn for psn access to get netflix and sign in.

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    but this eco runs only on fw 3.41 to my understanding. is this eco thing to spoof the debug id?

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