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Thread: PL3 Payload to Spoof PS3 Firmware Version 3.41 to 3.50 WIP

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    lordofthething Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by adrianc1982 View Post
    Who cares about the psn, for that you can go legit. We need newer games working without all the patching and editing.
    THIS! I left PSN out of the picture the moment I JB'd the console. I knew it's a sacrifice, but it was all worth the effort. Now if only this hack can get the games to work as well.

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    01010247 Guest
    Well, it makes me wonder if people are so dumb and will try to connect to PSN. I don't believe that Sony wont find out, there will always be something which is being send while connecting and Sony will ban the MAC address of your PS3.

    I mean, although you fake your firmware version, auth and vsh, I don't believe this will be totaly bulletproof. It doesn't mean that Sony won't swing their ban hammer just because they didn't do it until now, with all the jailbreak users (the dumb one), who go online.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    + the point that a lot of dumb ones say the following:

    I hope i can game online! I want trophy support!

    But they do not want CHEATERS online... so eh? They want theirselfs not to be online ? Little weird thingie :|

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    buffaoo monty Guest
    This will be great news, once all the bugs are ironed out we should be able to play 3.5 games without any probs. I dont care about PSN so its not a problem for me! No more hours/days trying to get games to work/not with patches, params eboot & all the rest of the crap

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    Lysin Guest
    Apparently someone successfully connected to PSN in a JB PS3... How exciting

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    Figgzor Guest
    Very nice, even though i gave up psn, it would be a big plus to play newer games with ease, but still online play would be very welcomed

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    manboo8000 Guest
    Can somebody compile it for Open Kubus 8 Mhz with Atmega 16U4

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    aliko100 Guest
    A payload created by Xoeo at has created a working payload that allows for connecting to PSN and online game play. Use at your own risk.

    So far only HEX's for PS3Yes have been released, but they are based on AT90USB162, running 16Mhz, so other clones can directly use these files! HEX file attached is mixture from both PL3 and Hermes payloads.

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    dvdrdiscs Guest
    This is not a solution but only a band aid. Spoofing the newer firmware doesn't open up newer features presented in newer firmwares and may be required to run games in the future. Some people right now who refuse to upgrade from 3.15 (because they want Linux), can't run games that require 3.41+. Spoofing and playing with the IFO files doesn't fix the fact that the newer firmware has newer features that is required.

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    msr Guest
    nice to see someone trying something.

    lets just wait and see.

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