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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyColtsFan84 View Post
    i am using ti-84, i have PSN access now but when i try to sync trophy it get to 6% then spits out an error code.
    Try restarting your PS3 and wireless network if applicable. That use to happen to me on a legit console.

    I am using TI84 and I synced my trophies fine, no problems!

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    Thanks man. I am honestly so happy to see this. Now I cant wait to get my jailbreak in the mail... So I can hop online with my backup of Black Ops.

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    i am making progress it seems, got to 45% before it spit the error code at me, trial and error i guess.

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    Exclamation Sony patches hack

    This works to get online but am getting errors when trying to download anything from psn store?

    Error is the following Error occurred during download operation (80710092)

    This means Sony is already patching up. My legal PS3 (lol... its a slim with latest FW) can download anything without any problems, while my Phat with the Payload can't download anymore since 23:57 PM Europe Time.

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    Thanks I was testing and it's so good to see my trophies getting synchronized, my friends and psn demos.


    I was downloading some psn demos and i had no problems or errors.

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    Ok cool. But how exactly do I use this file once I get my Jailbreak in the mail? It is the official jailbreak dongle..

    and do you think sony will patch this soon?

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    The trophy error is because a lot of people are syncing.

    keep trying or try again after, mine wouldn't work at 1st but i kept trying & it eventually worked & spammed my facebook

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    hermes v4b with psn payload works fine on my teensy++ 2.0 and the specified dns over here... downloading the new pes2011 transfers package atm and access to psn is available too..

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    Hmm... don't know what's goin on here... but this sucks :| My PS3Break just won't acces PSN any more :| Maybe the hex is broken :S...

    damn... any one has a workin hex i can download? I tried to recompile it but i cannot access anymore.

    This is what i used in my patching:

    Crystal is 12MHz
    LED on B1
    update using MCLR

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    ok, i have successfully synced my trophies now.

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