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    Pintor PS3 Homebrew Game by Hermes Shows Sony Vs. Hackers

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer Hermes has released Pintor, a PS3 homebrew game that revolves around the Sony Vs. Hackers concept.

    Download: Pintor PS3 Homebrew Game v1.01 / GIT

    To quote: The game is a port version of his old one which previously available in PS2, GP2, GP2X, PSP, and WII before coming to the PS3 utilizing PSL1GHT SDK.


    fail0verflow repository is a tribute for the old fail0verflow repository with LEGAL TOOLS deleted cowardly by because of threats from licksass guys called “attorneys of SCEA”.

    The original code was forked more than 1300 guys (the second most forked repository in who wanted to defend our rights as consumers, owners of our computer / console called PS3, and like non-profit independent programmers. But again, in a system where money is more important than justice, freedom and people (you are a number) the threat of one has much greater weight and repository was deleted unceremoniously and without one word to explain the exact reason.

    Because it, i was create this tribute that shows we “evil” usage of the old fail0verflow tools.


    ‘Pintor’ is an old videogame made by me, initially, for PS2 console. It is strongly inspired in a spectrum+ game that i remember fondly. I have done ports for a lot of consoles: PS2/GP2/GP2X/PSP/WII and now PS3.

    In this case it is based in the GP32 port, including the famous geohot MP3 “The Light It Up Contest” (

    I think it is a very funny song ^^ and is suitable for the symbolism of this respository (also i use a black background representing the PS3).

    Pintor: the game

    You are John Doe and must walk the way to complete the boxes to change to the next screen. But you have to be careful because SCEA and their attorneys are looking to bite your butt. Fortunately, the enemies do not think and are blinded by greed. So as donkeys, they pulled forward and forward, without knowing for sure where are you (here they cannot ask to github, google, paypal personal datas of John Doe)


    SQUARE – Pause Music
    SELECT – Pause Game
    START – Game Exit

    In “Pintor” screen:
    UP/DOWN – Number of attorneys
    X – Start

    In Game:
    UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT – Move John Doe

    Pintor PS3 Homebrew Game by Hermes Shows Sony Vs. Hackers

    Pintor PS3 Homebrew Game by Hermes Shows Sony Vs. Hackers

    Pintor PS3 Homebrew Game by Hermes Shows Sony Vs. Hackers

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    First, woot! Props to Hermes, this is hilarious and wish I could see the faces of Sony execs when they see this. hahahaha.

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    ha, Hermes is back with strength...

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