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    enri69 Guest

    PimpMySelf RC2 PS3 Kernel Self Rebuilder & Signer Tools Arrive

    Today the anonymous PlayStation 3 Developer behind the PS3SX emulator has released PimpMySelf, which rebuilds and signs the PS3 LV2 SELF files to aid in Custom Firmware development.

    Download: PimpMySelf RC2 PS3 Kernel SELF Rebuilder & Signer Tools

    From the ReadMe file: This tool is here just for helped you to mods your Kernel self tested on LV2 kernel 3.41 and LV2 kernel 3.55 so maybe all other but found bug on sprx.

    beware you have a risk of brick if you don't know what you are doing waninkoko cfw example.

    usage : PimMySelf.exe versionsuffix input.elf output.self original.self

    example : PimMySelf.exe 341 PatchedLV2_Kernel_341.elf PatchedLV2_Kernel_341.self LV2_Kernel_341.self

    please verify your elf first don't use any broken elf or the ps3 will get this revenge lol.

    Thx to Fail0verflow for the original work and thx to Xtse for the keys i think it's all

    With Luv Anonymous Happy Hacking

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Moved to the main page now, and +Rep for the news enri69!

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    SaveU Guest
    Thanks for the efforts. I'm going to let my PS3 live, so this isn't for me.

    But gg putting something out.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Cool makes the life much easyer. Very Handy.

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    shummyr Guest
    this is an awesome tool.. thank you!

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    SplitMethod Guest
    I guess this can help, but there is too much about bricking going around now with more CFW coming out.

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    NN33NN Guest
    Great work, but I'm a bit new on this. How do I use the PS3Key files in the package??

    Is there a guide on how to use them when signing something?

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