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Thread: PeXploit V1.0

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  1. #11
    3v1lryu Guest
    how can install game update 1.14?

  2. #12
    Suprising Guest
    Nice work my man. Another update, although I was hoping in looking for that advanced menu!

  3. #13
    labsdj Guest
    This version you cannot convert c00 to full licence free because as a bug many ppl say its got a bug like me. i try the old version its works well but this version 0.7 not works well, update the bug TheDarkprograme thanks for your help us to make this app possible!

  4. #14
    kushcpd Guest
    I download shoot many robots game from psndl, created edat from psnstuff, installed the game using PEXPLOIT v0.7.

    After showing successful injecting, when i restored my backup i couldn't see the game anywhere.

    Please help me? and do tell me how to install dlc's on ofw?

  5. #15
    Deniz Usta Guest
    PeXploit V0.7 download link pls help. your message download link PeXploit V0.5 ???

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    See here for v0.7: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...-games-on-ofw/

    In TheDarkprograme's absence, I updated his OP in this thread to the current version 0.8 as well.

  7. #17
    IllusionXD007 Guest
    Very nice perfect software for installing games on ps3 with ofw thank you

  8. #18
    LUIZ00987 Guest
    Nice work, mr. The Darkprograme!!! Keep it up!!!

  9. #19
    ryansilva290 Guest
    This is a very useful piece of software alot of OFW users are going to want to be using! Hope Sony dosen't patch it though...

  10. #20
    gurpeer Guest
    I don't understand, what are these PeExploit used for?

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