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Thread: Permanently JailBreaking a PS3 Console

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    ninjaihawk Guest

    Permanently JailBreaking a PS3 Console

    I used my Nexus One to jailbreak my PS3 last night. When I tried to 'install packages' or select the /apps/PS3_GAMES (I think thats what its called) I get an error code.

    The nuisance is, however, that when I reboot my PS3 it's 'unjailbroken' again. I know that's how the original jailbreak was advertised with the USB dongle, but I don't want to leave my cell phone plugged in every time I want to use it jailbroken! I think there's a way to do this, but I can't remember and dont know how to do it.

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    clouduzz Guest
    lol people need to read before they attempt at modding expensive stuff. But here's your answer, there is no "permanent" solution, it lasts until you reset or turn off the console.

    Once you are jailbroken however you can sign in your profile and take it out, but the PS must be fully booted before you take it out, it doesn't need to be plugged in the whole time.

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    shummyr Guest
    There is no permanent way, you must either use your cellphone, or buy a "PS3Key" and Such, and reset it everytime... As of right now this is the only solution...


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    ninjaihawk Guest
    Thanks for the replies. If I unjailbreak after installing a lot of jailbreak fun stuff, and rejailbreak will it still be there?

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    Warrorar Guest
    yes it will be there. you will also be able to see the homebrews and mini games, but you will not be able to start them when its unjailbroken.

    just wait some time. in future there will be some permanent solutions, but not as jailbreak devices. then there will be custom firmwares who have this features implented.


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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ninjaihawk View Post
    Thanks for the replies. If I unjailbreak after installing a lot of jailbreak fun stuff, and rejailbreak will it still be there?
    Yes, it stays as long you dont delete it or format the hard disk.

    It's better that you buy a ps3 jailbreak dongle, like ps3key like i have, its a good one its cheap and well worth the money.

    The is no permanent jailbreak solution, but if you use the dongle and let it in your ps3 it kinda is, but you have to shutdown ps3 fully , turn on and press eject button everytime, way better the phone hassle or whatever you use.

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    ninjaihawk Guest
    That last paragraph is a little confusing the way you worded it. Are you saying with the official dongle you do or don't have to power off, on, and press eject every time?

    Also, I saw you can now use a regular USB flash drive to JB? Sounds fake since I thought you needed a USB host controller which flash drive cannot emulate AFAIK. Any insight on this?

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    What i meant was, when you have a dongle you still have to switch power off, power and press eject to get the dongle to work, this is how JB works, and in my knowlegde you can't use usb drive because what u said.

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    T81 Guest
    Hey guys I want to jailbreak my ps3 and I have a question, if I jailbreak my console and use it like that for some time and after that change my mind, can I still unjailbrake it and most important will I get banned If I go online? because I must play black ops.

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    Malax Guest
    You might get banned. Please learn to read: there are about 3 posts right before you which state the the jailbreak lasts until you reboot your system without the usb jailbreak device on it.

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