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Thread: PBUDY PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip Clone is Reviewed

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    PBUDY PS JailBreak PS3 ModChip Clone is Reviewed

    I recently received a PBUDY JailBreak clone PS3 modchip USB device in the mail from

    What I discovered in my recently delivered DHL bag was a ball of bubble paper wrapped up with layers upon layers of tape. Inside said ball was a box for a plastic maze money safe, inside that box was a wrapped up shopping bag and finally inside that were two nicely presented PBUDY PS3 JailBreak devices. Amazing stuff.

    I proceeded to simply test the device on my PS3 - It worked. I plugged it into my computer and - Nothing obviously.

    So... Here's another clone that surely does JailBreak the PlayStation 3.

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    sk group I have replied to your PM, and I am going to close this thread to prevent replies as the review is not completed yet.

    When you have finished it PM me and I will reopen it for you to add the missing parts and then move to the main page. Thanks!

    Below are the PBUDY Firmware Files and details as well:
    • Firmware V1.1 (Hermes V1.0)
    • Firmware V1.2 (Hermes V3.0)
    • Firmware V1.3 (Hermes V4.0)
    • Firmware V1.4 (Hermes V5)
    • Firmware V1.5 (Hermes V5.1 spoof 3.50 version, compatible with 3.50 games)
    • Firmware V1.6 (Hermes V5.2 spoof 3.55 version)
    • Downgrade Firmware V1 (Downgrade 3.5/3.42 system firmware to 3.41)

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